Want your fittest body to date? David Kingsbury is the guy to call. PT to Jennifer Lawrence and Ryan Reynolds to name drop just a few (!), he knows exactly what it takes to achieve your healthiest, fittest body and, luckily for you, he’s shared his winning formula in his new book, Fitter Faster! We spoke to him about his method and what sets it apart from other programmes in the industry.

What was your main inspiration behind ‘Fitter Faster’?
Over the past few years, I have built an online business providing personal, custom and supported training and meal plans with incredible results for my customers. The inspiration for the book was to provide this same personal approach to results and help even more people achieve the healthy, fit body they want.

How is your approach to fitness distinctive in such a competitive 
The key thing that makes it the most effective health and fitness book is the personalised approach to nutrition. You get the exact calories you need to ensure results are both impressive and sustainable.

What results can people expect by following your meal and workout 
Results will vary depending on a number of individual factors as well as consistency and work ethic.

What recipe do you find yourself making the most from ‘Fitter Faster’?
SALMON EGGS ROYALE WITH YOGURT HOLLANDAISE – one of my all-time favourite recipes I have a few times every week.

How is ‘Fitter Faster personalised to each person that uses the plan?
The delicious meals are calculated and portioned at 18 calorie levels which allows you to determine your calorie level and eat the right amount for you! Most diet books give a one size fits all approach to nutrition but not Fitter Faster! Get the portions you need to ensure your energy levels don’t crash and make fat loss enjoyable, sustainable and simple!

What training do you find most effective for your clients?
I train people for a huge variety of goals, from muscle gain, fat loss to athletic performance and the variations in training methods reflect this. One method for the majority of goals is resistance training which has huge physical and health benefits.

We are intrigued by your ‘deck of cards’ workout, what does it entail?
The deck of cards workouts are a great addition, they are seriously fun and challenging. All you need is a deck of cards and a choice of four exercises.

Here are 4 example movements:



Squat Thrusts


Shuffle the deck and work your way through. Each suit is an exercise and the number on the card is the number of reps. Picture cards are 10 and Ace is high!

My suggestion would be if you are new to exercise to complete half a deck and if you have a good fitness base to complete a full deck.


What is your top tip to stay motivated with health and fitness?
Motivation is short lived. My top tip would be to build health and fitness into your life in a way that suits you and you enjoy so you don’t need to be constantly searching for motivation.

We hear you’re the guy to call when Hollywood A-listers need training 
on set… you must have travelled the world! Where’s been your favourite location?
I have travelled a lot with my work over the years which has been fun as well as very demanding. In years gone by I have been away for up to 11 months of the year. I enjoyed working in Montreal, Bali and Australia a lot but I think my favourite place to work was New York.

What is the main message you are enforcing in ‘Fitter Faster’?
Fitter Faster uses proven personalised methods for fast and effective fat loss. It will help you find your individual formula for success!

Fitter Faster (Seven Dials) is out 3rd May – Preorder your copy here for your fittest body yet!