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Walking Challenge: You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?

walk in her shoes

Having run the marathon, numerous half-marathons and several endurance races it is not uncommon for me to be looking for my next challenge! So when I heard about the CARE INTERNATIONAL Walk In Her Shoes Campaign, I was raring to go. The challenge invites women to walk 10,000 steps (about five miles) every day for a week to highlight the plight of women in the developing world who walk many miles every day for water. For me, this is the distance to and from work from home. Now, I can often be found running to and from work but only about twice a week and never on consecutive days. So this is going to be testing, and although all you really need to have in order to take part in this is a pair of trainers, I see it as a great opportunity to splurge on a few bits an pieces that will further enhance the experience.

Why you should get involved?

Burn Calories
Depending on how fast you intend to strut your stuff, walking can burn up to 600 calories per five mile.

Great set of pins
Walking is a great way of toning and sculpting the legs without applying the strain and pressure to your knees that running does.

Increased fitness levels
Although you may not think it but walking 5 miles a day will undoubtably raise your fitness levels, which will in turn help you out in other sports.

Save you money
If, like me, you are using your walk to commute home then you’ll save yourself a fair but of money. In fact, it will hopefully make you aware of how much money you spend on travel, which so many of us do absent mindlessly. Keep tabs on it and use the money that you save to so something like go to the cinema… You’ve totally earned it.

Raising awareness
By tweeting and face booking your way through the challenge as well as telling your friends and colleagues about it you’ll be doing a great cause by raising awareness. If you tweet be sure to hashtag #wihs

Feel inspired? Get involved. For more details on how to take part visit http://www.careinternational.org.uk/walkinhershoes/

The walk in her shoes week is from 4th -10th March 2013.