Stan Smith’s have been a wardrobe staple for sneaker lovers for decades, and now there’s a rather exciting collab on the cards! Stella McCartney has just announced she has collaborated with Adidas to create their very first, limited edition vegan stan smiths!

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Stella McCartney’s fashion label. She is consistent in making all her products cruelty free and is a lifelong vegetarian herself. Stella’s Stan Smith trainers are crafted from vegetarian leather making them vegan-friendly!

The trainer will keep their signature design with an added touch of Stella’s style which is clearly noticeable making them unique. The imprinted dots that resemble the 3 Adidas stripes have been replaced with small stars and the heel of the trainer has 3 stripes in burgundy and blue. A portrait of Stella is also positioned on one of the tongues and the other retains the original face of Stan Smith.

Both Adidas and Stella McCartney are eager to promote eco-friendly products which are proving very popular, with consumers becoming a lot more mindfully about sustainability and the ethically standard of the products they buy. In light of this, Stella’s vegan Stan Smith’s are bound to be the hot commodity!

These limited edition trainers are releasing on the 10th of September and are available to pre-order here

Stella McCartney Vegan Stan Smiths