It’s that time of year again! Here at H&H, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Valentine’s treats to indulge in today, says Alex Kortland



This month, The Juicery at 108 Marylebone are treating us to a special smoothie to bring out our inner cupids on this annual day of luurrve. Celebrating their collaboration with London’s most fashionable florist, Nikki Tibbles, this antioxidant packed drink is inspired by pink and red roses to lift our spirits this Friday. Blended with mango, raspberries, strawberries, jax coconut water, rosewater and orange blossom – this nutrient filled blend is not one to be missed out on! The Vibrant juice is available exclusively throughout the month of February from the pop-up bar situated right in the heart of Marylebone.



If you’re looking to set the mood this Valentine’s Day, then we may of found your answer. Neom’s limited edition ‘LOVE’ candle from their Home aromatherapy range is to the rescue! With its combination of Tuberose, Mimosa and Jasmine flower blossom and a hint of spices and sweet honey – this luxurious fragrance is the perfect addition to date night. Using only the very best of botanical extracts, this candle is a holistic delight that will promote a peaceful aura before, during and after your special evening.



After indulging in one box of chocolate truffles too many, you may be feeling a little worse for wear on your sugar-induced come down. But fear not, Radiance Cleanse is here to get you back on track with their Valentine’s Gift Box. Featuring 6 organic, limited edition cold-pressed juices; Heart Beets, Sweet Roots and Young Love – these nutritious drinks are a great way to detox your system and supplement something healthy into your diet. There’s even an RMS Beauty lip gloss in the shade ‘Beloved’ included as an extra, a little splash of colour to catch his eye on that special evening. £98.50



Standing out from the overcrowded market of coconut juices, CHI is doing its job and doing it well. With its bright packaging and unique illustration representing the brands ethos; balance, hydration and provenance – this is one health drink not one to be missed this Valentines Day. Sourced from the sweetest coconuts on Phi Phi Island in Thailand, this is a potassium-packed, 100% pure drink that will keep you energised throughout your evening! If you’re looking for something chocolatey and you’re in the mood for something indulgent, definitely get your hands on their chocolate milk – it’s the perfect evening treat!



Ever dreamt of the day when chocolate was good for you? Well, wait no longer! Winner of the Gold Taste Awards in 2012, OMBAR is the sustainable chocolate company with a healthy incentive. Each and every one of these delicious bars is filled with antioxidants from the raw cacao which OMBAR obtain from Ecuador; they’re even sweetened with coconut sugar – a great alternative to the refined white stuff. Choose from a range of fruit infused delights such as goji, acai, cranberry and blueberry – what more do you need this Valentines Day to treat your loved one?