Newspapers and magazines love to report on the new superfood of the moment, but we want to shed some light on the more ordinary foods that offer fantastic health benefits too. When you’re next in the supermarket make sure that these are in your trolly…

Wild Trout
Let’s just get one thing straight – farm-raised fish is not the same as wild fish. Wild trout is far more nutritious since it is loaded with skin- and hair-loving omega 3s (it contains one of the best sources of this in the world) due to its diet of krill (which also gives it its exotic pink colour due to a natural carotenoid in the krill). Farm-raised trout do not eat krill, they are fed grain and are often dyed pink to allude consumers. Buy wild trout and let your skin thank you for it! It’s also got a slightly milder taste to salmon so it’s a great alternative.

Did you know that watercress contains four times the calcium of milk? Or that it contains as much vitamin C as an orange and more iron than Popeye’s favourite, spinach? Amazing isn’t it. We are big fans of watercress here at the Hip and Healthy headquarters. Best eaten raw, most people would think of watercress as a salad leaf but it actually belongs to the same vegetable family as broccoli and is also fantastic for eyesight.

We here a lot about berries these days, which truly are excellent, but the peach should not go unnoticed either. They are a sweet, low calorie (only 38 calories per medium-sized fruit) way of getting a good dose of calcium (good for bones and teeth and vitamin D absorption); magnesium (great for lowering the risk of heart disease); vitamin C (a great all-rounder but particular special in the immunity steaks); and vitamin K (which is important in helping the blood clot when wounded). Peaches also contain melatonin, which will help with sleep. Not bad for a superfood so yummy!

Move over almonds and pecans, walnuts need some more attention! Many believe that it is no coincidence that a walnut looks like a human brain since it is one of the planet’s best brain foods. Like trout, walnuts also contain fantastically high amounts of omega-3 fats and these can have an impact on our moods. To illustrate our point, studies have been conducted linking people who consume high levels of omega 3 to lower levels of depression. But that’s not all, walnuts are also great for fertility due to their rich levels of manganese.

Water is the master of your body. We are statistically made up of between 50%-60% water and you need it for everything your body does. Making sure you are hydrated is one of the most single important things you can do to better your health. When you are dehydrated your blood is thicker and your heart has to work harder to circulate it and think about the effect this might also have on your heart. So as a general rule – drink more water. We get that drinking water isn’t the most interesting thing so here are 5 ways to make your water more delicious by adding homemade infusions!

Why not try some of these delicious recipes to get you started?!


main image: Southernliving.com