Yearning for some winter sun now the weather has turned? We feel you. It seems, just as quickly as we were kicking off the duvet covers at night, beads of sweat running off our temples, we’re now keeping our tootsies toasty in cashmere with our favourite herbal tea on tap! We can guarantee you won’t be the only one daydreaming about palm trees swaying in the gentle ocean breeze, the warm sun kissing your skin, the nostalgic scent of SPF wafting through the atmosphere and exotic blooms everywhere you look. While you may not be able to hop on a plane so easily at the moment, with a little wishful thinking and some updates to your beauty and self-care rituals, you can be transported from bathroom to Bali in no time! 

Whisking us away to warmer climes is Crabtree & Evelyn, a beauty brand inspired by exploration and wanderlust living. Having rebranded over the past year to bring the company’s roots to the forefront, they are just as passionate about connecting communities and cultures through storytelling and products fit for a new generation. The launch of their first Exploration Collection, The Bali Collection, came to fruition after many visits to the island, where their in-house exploration team forged deep connections with local Balinese people. Their first-hand, intimate experiences and personal stories have now been transformed into a holistic lifestyle and product portfolio. The collection features a range of beautiful skincare and body care products that celebrate iconic Balinese ingredients and wellness practices, capturing the intoxicating scents of the island. In celebration of all the wonders Bali and its culture have to offer, we’re sharing with you the ultimate winter self-care routine inspired by traditional Balinese rituals and sacred scents to lift your spirits and transport you to tropical paradise. 

Step 1 – Set the scene…
Incense is the smell of Bali, the scent is the first thing to greet you when you leave the plane and it fills the air throughout the island. Starting your routine with Crabtree & Evelyn’s Frangipani Incense will instantly set the tone and help you escape. 

Frangipani blooms in the fourth full moon or as the Balinese called it ‘SasihKapat’. The flower is also considered a natural essence, the flowers natural extracts are thought to bring enlightenment and a restorative atmosphere. Frangipani flowers and Balinese people have a very close relationship. If you travel to Bali, you will see frangipani growing on all corners of the Island. An iconic symbol of Balinese culture, the white flower with a yellow tint is used in offerings, to decorate in ceremonies and often forms part of traditional dress, worn in the hair of tucked behind the ears. You will come to recognize this flower as a natural symbol of island life. Frangipani is a popular fragrance made at Ms Koroi’s famous incense house, the scent is present across the island and used as part of a daily mindful ritual. Fruity and exotic, use this to create a restorative atmosphere.

Step 2 – Purify…
Generously apply the Volcanic Ash Face Mask, designed to detoxify and purify your skin.

Inspired by this cleansing ritual deeply rooted in Balinese culture, Crabtree & Evelyn formulated a powerful, yet gentle mud treatment to help purify your skin without stripping it. The volcanic ash delicately exfoliates your skin, while the bamboo charcoal acts as a magnet to draw out debris and impurities from your pores. The green tea helps to reduce free radical damage and brighten your complexion. Your skin will feel like a perfectly hydrated and conditioned canvas for the next step in this nourishing skincare ritual.

Step 3 – Rejuvenate…
While the mask gets to work (approximately 15 minutes). You can give yourself a mini massage with the Jasmine + Ylang Ylang Self-Massage Oil focusing on any areas of tension… this step is an amazing stress-reliever!

Balinese massages are a staple of everyday life. Each night in villages across the island, locals participate in self-massage and community-given massages. They incorporate techniques that relax pressure points and rejuvenate tired muscles with long pressure strokes. Inspired by these traditional Balinese massages and the abundant, healing flowers surrounding the island, this luxurious massage oil is a nourishing blend of oils that will soften and hydrate your skin. The rich scent of the jasmine and ylang ylang will envelop your body in a calming and peaceful experience that will transport you back to its tropical lands. As this silky oil glides all over your body, the meadowfoam seed oil and rice bran extract will help rejuvenate your skin. Working it gently into stress areas, these oils will help you both moisturize and unwind through every inch of your body for an ultra-relaxing massage. Massages don’t need to be really luxurious treatments. Daily self-massages can be a great way to relieve stress and sore muscles.

Step 4 – Hydrate…
For an intense hit of hydration to combat winter skin, slather your body in the Coconut + Sandalwood Body Balm

Celebrating the aromas and fruits surrounding the island, this all-in-one concentrated body balm melts on contact to help provide deep moisture and protection. Fortified with a blend of butters to nourish your skin, this multitasking balm offers a rich texture leaving the skin feeling healthy and supple with each use. Coconut oil helps deliver hydration, while the scent of the soothing sandalwood helps your body relax from head to toe.

Step 5 – Restore…
For a beautifully gentle cleanse after rinsing off the face mask, use the Rice Exfoliating Cleanser

Honoring this staple in Balinese culture, this rice exfoliating cleanser celebrates all aspects of this ingredient. As you work this gentle, ground powder with water, the product quickly transforms into a creamy, foaming cleanser. The finely ground rice powder and bamboo stem extract naturally exfoliate and freshen the skin, providing hydration and absorbing excess oil. The green tea leaf powder and chamomile flower water help fight free radicals, while also calming and soothing the skin. Formulated to lightly exfoliate, use this transformative powder to refresh and cleanse your face to leave it softer, smoother and more hydrated.

Step 6 – Balance…
Finish off with the soothing Lemongrass Toner to reveal a glowing, balanced complexion.

In Bali, it is deeply believed that for harmony to exist in life and in family, both high and low spirits must be respected. Inspired by this value of balance that is placed in Balinese culture, this refreshing tonic is a gentle reminder to take care of your skin whether you’re getting lost in rice paddies or wandering the streets of Ubud. Developed with lemongrass to provide astringent and balancing properties, this toner also contains bamboo water and aloe vera to soothe and hydrate. The lemongrass will energize your senses as the toner weightlessly removes any oil build up and helps minimize pores and redness. Let your skin be restored by this cooling toner, as you are embraced by warm memories of Bali.

Feel more centered and relaxed already? This winter self-care routine is the perfect antidote for modern-day stress and while doing good to your mind, body and soul, by incorporating these sumptuous products into your weekly routine, Crabtree & Evelyn will be donating 5% of profits from The Bali Collection to the WAS Foundation, working to reduce the environmental impact of tourism on the island. a local charity. Breathe in the good vibes and exhale them out too. 

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