Cannabidiol, a phytocannabinoid extracted from the cannabis plant, was discovered back in the 1940s but it has only just started to be clinically researched in the last couple of years. Preliminary findings have indicated that cannabidiol (CBD for short) could be a really effective pain relief and could even help with anxiety and cognition. There are many ways to reap the benefits of CBD, but most commonly, it’s recommended to take it orally, usually in the form of an oil. It can also be absorbed through the skin (although current studies are just based on oral consumption) and many beauty brands have incorporated CBD into their products as it’s thought to be helpful for calming irritated skin. Below we thought we’d share some of our favourite unique CBD products currently on the market and explain how we use them!


Bybi CBD Facial Oil

One of our favourite natural skincare brands, BYBI, has just launched a facial CBD Booster oil and we think this a great product to have in your skincare arsenal, especially for summer. People often find their skin tends to flare up more in the heat and with prolonged sun exposure but this booster aims to calm stressed-out sensitive skin. We’re big fans!


OTO CBD Bitters + Roll-ons

We recently went to the launch of OTO to try their innovative CBD bitters and we had a lot of fun trying them out in some delicious non-alcoholic cocktails! They’ve also launched three gorgeous CBD-infused roll-ons (Focus, Amplify and Balance) designed to maximise key moments throughout the day. They are blended with pure essential oils so they act as a delicate perfume as well! ”


Cubid CBD Body Butter

We love slathering Cubid’s CBD Re:scue Body Butter after a busy day in the office or after our evening workout. Infused with Shea Butter and Almond Oil as well as CBD, this has become our go-to evening ritual helping us to relax and unwind before bed. Baby soft skin and a restful night’s sleep? Yes, please!


George & Mae CBD Oils

If you’re simply looking for a CBD oil to take orally then we’ve really got on well with George And Mae. Offering a whole range of oils, some flavour-free and some with flavours like mint, orange and lemon, we really respect their efforts to farm organically, (you can read about here).