The path to feeling well in yourself is an art. In order to achieve it, you need to involve the entirety of your being. It could be that you’ve been focusing solely on improving your fitness and have spent less time caring for your mental wellbeing. Alternatively, you may have been learning the Scandinavian wellness activities of hygge and fika, for example, without considering how your physical self is doing. If you’re looking to discover what it means to be well and want to understand the various aspects of it, read on to discover some of the key ingredients that together, make the ideal recipe for wellness.


What is meant by mind, body, spirit?

Everyone can benefit from a ‘mind, body, spirit’ mentality, so long as you understand the meaning behind it. The term refers to the idea that each of its components are interconnected, each relying on the other for total wellbeing. By taking the time to take care of all three components, you should be on the right path to wellness.


Examples of the mind, body, spirit recipe in action

If this is all new to you, it can be quite confusing to grasp, but with the following examples of how each component affects the other, we hope that it will become a little clearer.

When you’re feeling low in your mood, it’s recommended that you introduce some physical exercise into your routine to help shake the negative thoughts and/or self doubt. Health professionals suggest that something as simple as a 15-minute walk can help you on your way to feeling better and this is a classic example of how your body can affect your mind.

How about that feeling after a day trip to the spa? There’s nothing quite so therapeutic as enjoying a massage and a manicure, before relaxing in the sauna or jacuzzi. A trip that is focused around relaxation such as this can really benefit all three aspects of your wellness.


Here are 3 things for each of the mind, body and spirit, that can help you to feel well. Don’t try to incorporate all of these tips into your routine… instead, pick one from each of the 3 sections for now. You can then slowly incorporate as many as you wish into your routine over time, and really reap the benefits of this recipe for feeling well. It’s important to ensure that you try to include at least 1 from each section so that you are focusing on all three components rather than just one or two.


Feeling well in your mind


  1. Clean your home at least once a week – Having a clear and clean space to live in will help to clear your mind of thoughts that could be bringing your wellness down a notch. An untidy or dirty home will keep your mind wandering from more beneficial thoughts to ones concerned with the state of your living space.


  1. Add some exercise into your routine – If you aren’t getting as much exercise as you should be, this is important to introduce into your lifestyle. It’s recommended that adults make time for at least 5 x 30 minutes workouts a week.


  1. Set aside some time for yourself – This should happen at least once a week and should involve doing something that you enjoy. Try to keep it simple, such as reading a book, listening to an inspiring podcast, cooking your favourite meal, or even indulging in a little pampering. Simplicity is key.


Feeling well in your body


  1. Enjoy the great outdoors – Staying cooped up indoors can leave you lacking that much-needed vitamin D. It doesn’t have to be a whole day in the outdoors, you can still benefit from just a stroll on your lunch break or even skipping the gym and going for a run outside instead. Enjoy the sunlight on your face and the fresh air through your hair!


  1. Allow yourself the occasional treat – If you’re making a conscious effort to eat healthily and get plenty of exercise then you’re doing a really great job of looking after your body. But perhaps you should set yourself some goals and when you achieve them, allow yourself a well-deserved treat so that you feel good and motivated to keep going! Restriction yourself isn’t fun and certainly won’t make you happy.


  1. Set aside time to focus on your breathing – For as little as a minute or two a day, find a quiet space without any distractions, where you can focus on just breathing. Deep breaths from the diaphragm, breathing out longer than you breathe in, will have a huge impact on your wellness.


Feeling well in your spirit


  1. Love being you – Stop focusing on what you see as negative aspects of your life and instead, focus your efforts on loving every minute of what’s so great about you. Ask your loved ones what they love about you and embrace it!


  1. Open up – It happens all too often where we bottle up our emotions and push things to the back of our minds, but this does nothing for our spiritual wellbeing. Instead, tell people how you’re feeling and get it off your chest. There’s no greater feeling than knowing you have the support of others around you.


  1. Push yourself to think about what really makes you happy – Do you have this in your life right now? If not, maybe try making some changes to bring more joy into your life. It could be something as simple as a day out with a close friend or a complete lifestyle shift like a new job!


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