We’re excited to announce that Hip & Healthy are hosting the UK’s first-ever CBD Awards This August!

Spanning industries such as food, drink, beauty and supplements, CBD has landed in the market with an almighty bang, and with good reason, customers are seeing considerable positive effects from consuming CBD products. With so many amazing brands on the market all with unique and exciting products, we at Hip & Healthy wanted to do a deep dive into finding the best of the best for CBD beginners and beyond. So far-reaching is this category of products that we wanted to bring to the forefront the CBD heroes that we hail daily, from solutions to period pains to antidotes to anxiety, and everything in between. This August, Hip & Healthy are excited to bring you the UK’s first-ever CBD Awards. Chosen by our CBD enthusiastic editors, from a variety of incredible brands, we can’t wait to highlight the very best CBD products out there.

Winners will be announced on the 18th August so stay tuned to discover the crème de la crème of CBD!

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