words by Rebecca Fairbrother

Winter is the time of year that our immune systems suffer due to toxin overload. Too many office Christmas parties and festive events, involving multiple late nights, greasy canapés and calorific cocktails can leave our bodies feeling bloated, lethargic and in desperate need of a detox. Whilst i’m not averse to the odd tipple and embracing the Christmas spirit, I am opposed to feeling hungover, bloated, depressed and lacking in energy.  

That said, the Simply Healing Five-Day Essential Juice Detox Plan is the perfect Post Christmas Detox program to enable you to start 2014 feeling bright eyed, relaxed and super hip and healthy. Simply Healing is a luxury detox retreat set within the beautiful, calming and picturesque countryside of West Sussex. In as little as an hour you can escape the stresses and strains of modern city life and be transported to a calm, serene haven, bursting with vitality. Voted best detox retreat in the UK by Vogue, SimplyHealing is a holistic detox retreat with a difference.

Founded by Vivien Kay, a leading figure in the detox world who helped make juice cleansing a household term rather than a passing health fad, uses her extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure each guest gets the most out of their stay. Simply Healing offers a number of detox programmes including the Five-day Essential Juice Detox Plan which is taking place during 27th – 31st December.  This fantastic programme includes 4 nights accommodation, a number of luxurious treatments as well as freshly prepared fruit and vegetables juices, herbal supplements and detox soups, to help cleanse and nourish your system, leaving you feeling fabulous from the inside out. 

Everything at Simply Healing oozes vitality.  The fruit juices are bursting with health enhancing, metabolism boosting ingredients to get your system in ship shape for the New Year. Meanwhile the Holistic Massage uses warm, organic oils in order to ward off any colds, flu and bacteria, rebooting your immune system to see you through the rest of the winter months.

Whilst the foundations of the plan adhere to an itinerary, every programme is personalised and slightly adjusted to each individual, catering to their unique health and wellness needs.  At Simply Healing, there is a holistic approach to detox, nurturing the body not just through diet and nutrition but also through the highest quality spa and beauty treatments to deliver optimum health from the inside out.  There is also time during the stay to enjoy the extensive grounds and stunning landscape with their one hour guided country walks. Having braved the fresh winter air, upon return you’ll be greeted with an assortment of caffeine free herbal teas, a roaring log fire and blanket to help wile away the last hours of the day. There are also meditation and relaxation sessions provided as well as a Nutritional Group Talk so there is no doubt that you will leave feeling refreshed, revitalised and inspired.  

Prices start from £1,215 (inclusive of VAT) per person, based on two people sharing.  For more information on The Simply Healing Five-Day Essential Juice Detox Plan visit www.simplyhealingcentre.com

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