Jump on the Juicing Bandwagon
Give your body a nutrient hit with a green juice. When we drink a juice we absorb 95% of the nutrients, unlike when we eat our greens and only absorb a measly 20%. Due to the high levels of nutrients, vitamins and alkalising minerals that you will supply your body with. You will experience an increase in your energy levels, get glowing skin and better digestion. Sound good? Why not try out our Hip & Healthy Green Machine Smoothie to help you get your ‘green’ on.

Sneak Greens into Your Baking
We love to get our hands dirty in the kitchen over here at the Hip & Healthy headquarters. Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked goods coming out of the oven, am I right? Enter the star ingredient, zucchini (also known as courgette). Zucchini is the perfect green veg to use in your baking as it keeps everything moist and gooey. It will turn your lovely creations into a powerhouse full of nutritious goodness, with high levels of dietary fibre which will keep you feeling satisfied for longer. Add zucchini to breads, cookies, cakes or muffins. Why not give our healthy chocolate zucchini muffin recipe a go, which you can enjoy guilt free.

Revamp Your Body Products
Did you know that the skin is our largest organ and that we absorb 60% of the nasty chemicals found in our body products? As soon as our lotions and potions that we use touch our skin, these chemicals go straight into our blood stream. Scary right. We tend to focus all our efforts on what we put in our mouths. But we should really take notice of what we are putting on our bodies as well. This is where ‘Yes to Carrots’ comes in. ‘Yes to Carrots’ are a company that sell natural skin and hair care products which are full of fruits and veggies. Check out their ‘Yes to Cucumbers’ range and absorb some green goodness through your skin. The range contains ingredients like cucumber, aloe vera, green tea and not to forget the king of superfoods, spirulina.

Indulge in Green Superfoods
To really reap the benefit of adding more greens to your diet, why not try adding powerful superfoods to your foodie repertoire. Spirulina, wheatgrass and barley grass are all bursting with vitamins and minerals. They contain high levels of chlorophyll, which is a great detoxifier as it is very alkalising. When our bodies are too acidic they don’t work as efficiently as they should so these superfoods with help bring you back into balance. Are you looking for a way to amp up your daily protein intake? Then look no further as all 3 of these wonder foods contain high amounts of digestible protein. Making it a great option for the vegetarians out there. The best way to take these supplements is in powder form. By adding 1 tsp to a juice or smoothie of choice.

Hip & Healthy loves:

Organic Burst for their Spirulina

Naturya for their Wheatgrass 

Synergy Natural for their Barley Grass 

Get Your Greens Delivered
Do you tend to get overwhelmed in the fruit and veg section when you do your food shop? Then you end up not buying anything as it is too much effort to figure out what is what? Why not try ordering online and getting a box full of fresh, organic produce delivered straight to your door. No fuss, no hassle and you are guaranteed a nice wide selection to experiment with. Hip & Healthy loves: Able and Cole