NEO/PREEN has landed on UK soil and we’re excited to be the first stockist outside of their home-country, Australia! Founded by ex-Vogue Australia, Sal Morgan, NEO/PREEN stylishly safeguards your belongings from hotel room to the beach, to the gym and back again! It’s a travel accessory that can withstand sand, suncream, long-haul flights and weekends away! We chat with Sal about her inspiration behind the brand!

We are so excited to be the first UK stockist of NEO/PREEN, how are the clutches unique to other products?
NEO/PREEN is unique due to its versatility – it has so many purposes and therefore caters to so many people! The large is great for travel (toiletries/cosmetics/travel documents) – it fits an iPad – is loved by new mums (wipes/creams) and can be used as an on the go clutch. The mini is for the essentials… phone, keys, cards etc. Both sizes are prefect to take the gym – yoga -pilates. NEO/PREEN can handle the spills, the sweat, the snow and the sand.

Being made from a super soft neoprene with a chunky zipper NEO/PREEN can be washed under the tap and will dry quickly in the shade. It’s at a price point that is affordable and appeals to both men and women. It’s also the perfect gift!


“Congratulations on your incredible new brand – I LOVE IT! Such a great idea – I was literally just wishing I could wash my make up bag after a horrid explosion coming back from one of my long hauls.” CANDICE LAKE (@candicelake) Style Editor at Vogue Australia (London based)


NEO/PREEN is designed to simplify things, which we all agree we need! How do the clutches do this?
It makes you more organized by allocating only what you really need in your NEO/PREEN. (i.e. if you are going for a walk or to the shop – you will have your phone, keys, card and cash. Rather than a bulky bag/ backpack that you end up rummaging thru) When you are travelling you can have your toiletries in the large NEO/PREEN, your make up in a mini, your laptop in another etc… so when you open your suitcase, it’s easy to find exactly what you need immediately. Also, each NEO/PREEN comes in a black mesh bag that you can use for your laundry when travelling or for your wet swimmers/towel when you are at the beach


What is the design inspiration for the NEO/PREEN range?
I wanted it to feel like summer all year long. I wanted it to have a sense of playfulness and fun. I wanted it to have a purpose – be practical, provide a solution for when you are on the go. The greatest thing is NEO/PREEN can be used in a number of ways – every day. I had thought about doing an accessories brand for some time but only started the sampling process 18 months ago which helped me become clearer on what I wanted to create – a product that would appeal to those all over the globe that are on the go. 


As travel is an integral part of NEO/PREEN’s ethos, where is your favourite holiday destination?
I was based in New York and Los Angeles whilst I worked for Vogue which provided me with so many incredible travel opportunities. Now that I’m back in Australia, I love exploring our beautiful country. Bondi + Bronte are favourites. We shot our last campaign at Byron Bay + I also love Burleigh Heads.


How does your previous job at Vogue Australia compare to running your own company?
As Special Projects and Bookings Director at Vogue Australia, I was responsible for the cover and main fashion shoots which took place in New York, LA, London, Paris and Australia. I was working with a variety of creative people on a few different time zones. Running your own company has you wearing many hats, which is often required when working in media + fashion so it was a good training ground!

I love working across all aspects of the business – from the design process to the packaging – organising the shoots and the content for our social channels.

It’s so great to wake up to an email from a customer or stockist telling you how much they love the product. It makes all the hard work worth it!


What are your future plans for NEO/PREEN?
We have some new styles in production that we can’t wait to share with our customers and are looking to expand globally. Watch this space!

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