Is your desk life causing havoc on your wellbeing? Many office workers are completely un-aware of the huge impact their job is having on their health so we think it’s time to do something about it! Some might be in the position to simply pack up and leave their desk jobs well and truly behind them, but for those who don’t have that option, we’ve teamed up with The Happy, a consultive, holistic company who aim to bring wellbeing into the workplace, to give some top tips on how you can transform your mind, body and wellbeing at work.


Move everything you’ve got in all directions! Whatever your favoured exercise is, indulge in that, especially if your job involves a lot of desk time. Sitting has been hailed the new smoking did you know?! It’s also a great idea to bring more 3D movement into the mix if your chosen tends to be planar. Yoga is great for this, particularly those styles that flow… check out Strala Yoga with Pip or Bess (both trained by the inspirational Tara Stiles) for a really easy going moving mediation that relaxes you into all of your body. Or head to your local gym or workout studio on your lunch break to kick some positive energy in to your day!


Digital detox. Take some time out away from technology. Let a day be all about you, no regard for anybody else. Be present and enjoy your time free from comparison of your life through a screen – Life-coach Lucy Sheridan recommends to stop looking at the lives of others in order to become clearer on what you actually want for yourself. Having just one day a week (say a Sunday) where you remove yourself from all things techno, will help you feel much more prepared and revived for another working weekend ahead.


Hydrate. We all know that the body is made up from a huge percentage of water, so fill up, drink up! A big glass of water tends to fix most ills – energy levels low? Drink water. Headache? Drink water. Dull skin? Drink water. Such a quick and easy fix! Keep a water bottle (we love our toxin-free brand, S’well Bottle) by your desk and don’t forget to top it up through the day.


Meditate. Give yourself time out from the screen. Watch your productivity and creativity increase exponentially after you have done this. Meditating on your breath is something you can do anywhere in almost any circumstance. Jody Shield recommends starting your meditation journey with a guided meditation to support you along the way. Lunchtimes have never felt more calm and zen-like!


Sleep. Rest is one of the fundamental components to wellbeing and it’s worrying to know that a lot of us are lacking in this important activity. Ensure you check in on your “sleep bank” every once in a while. We should be waking naturally without an alarm as part of our routine so if that’s not happening in your household, maybe it is time to consider a change of routine! Why not try using a Lumie Light to naturally wake you up? The light will gradually get lighter which will allow your body and mind to wake up refreshed, ready for the day, not in an alarm-induced panic!


Evaluate. Step back and check out where you are really looking after yourself, and areas that you could be better, as recommended by  Creative Living Coach, Kate Taylor. Get help – if you aren’t sure where to start with your journey, seek out a wellbeing coach who can assist your direction and journey; sometimes the act of reporting in on how you are doing can really motivate you to bring about action. It is also a good idea to re-evaluate from time to time. The happy has a team of coaches to assist you do just this, each specialising in something slightly different from the next we will have a coach that fits with you.


Treat yourself as an individual. What works for your wellbeing may be completely different to your partner/friends/dog sitter, suggests Health Coach, Suzie Bartle, aptly known as The Guts Gal . Embrace this and find your own recipe for wellness… sometimes what we learn along the journey can be as important as finding ourselves at the destination.


Pip Roberts is a British Wheel of Yoga and Strala qualified yoga teacher. She has worked with the likes of Elle Macpherson through Tara Stiles and Julie Montagu. She is taking wellbeing into London’s workplaces with a team of wellness stars from this September under name of The Happy. For more information on Pip and The Happy – see website here: http://the-happy.co.uk/