“Everyone is an athlete” were the first words of celebrity Personal Trainer, Dan Roberts when I met him for a session in the beautiful Ham Yard Hotel. I’m fit and well and exercise most days but would never (ever) consider myself an athlete! Thirty minutes later I’m punching boxing bags, doing high kicks and I’ve even wrestled Dan to the ground (several times over, might I add). With a huge rush of adrenaline, I pictured myself in the Thai boxing ring somewhere in Chiang Mai and just like that, I had become an athlete (thank you, Dan).


Whether it’s the Olympic podium in Tokyo 2020 or beating Mo Farah at a 10k that your imagination runs to, it’s Dan’s fitness retreat at the luxury hotel, The Oitavos, on Portugal’s Estoril Coast that will unleash the athlete inside you. If you’re feeling sorry for yourself having not taken a holiday this summer then this might be what you need to overcome your envy about your friends sunning themselves whilst drinking cocktails in Mallorca, and something you can be smug about too!


Having started his personal training career working with some of the world’s top models at Elite in Brazil, there might not be a better trainer to sculpt your body from top to toe. However, it’s not all Victoria’s Secret-style, Dan’s varied approach comes as a result of his work in Thailand (you guessed it, as a Muay Thai boxer) and training Hollywood actors for their action-packed roles.

Train like a supermodel

Where better to make use of Dan’s diverse training approach than within the beautiful and dynamic surroundings of The Oitavos. Pick up some pace on your spin bike overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, breathe in the fresh coastal air whilst hiking along the untouched coastline and get enjoy weights training and kettlebells on the golf course.


This isn’t just a three-day boot camp – Dan’s personal assessment of each guest’s muscular and mobility issues enables a more tailored program and a deeper knowledge that will stay with you once you’re back to reality. Add into the mix two treatments from the hotel’s award-winning spa and a culture fix in the charming local town of Cascais, this will be a memorable weekend with enough time to unwind and enjoy the paradise.


What makes this retreat different from any others? Aside from the luxuriousness of the hotel and the elegant and picturesque backdrop of the Atlantic coast, it’s Dan Roberts’ approach which will leave a lasting impression. His calm demeanour and his encouraging attitude makes for a really meditative and immersive experience and you’ll be left hungry for more.


Dan Roberts will take you on an exclusive fitness journey as part of the Oitavos Hotel’s wellness program, allowing you to discover your innate athletic ability, whatever your fitness level. See more about the retreat from Dan Roberts Group here.


If a fitness retreat doesn’t excite you, then we can’t recommend the Dan Roberts Online programme Methodology-X highly enough. Designed to mimic the exercises he’d use with any one of the A-list models who have him on speed dial, core and balance are fundamental to the exercises which give full body tone and definition. For more information on Methodology-X and its online community click here.

words by Annabel Armitage


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