New year, new you? Forget Zumba and endless pounding on that treadmill, now is the time to try one of the latest fitness classes to hit the capital and change up your workout routine.

Project Fit

What Is It? Promising to burn 1,000 calories in just an hour, Project Fit presents the challenge ‘you vs your body,’ using treadmills, free weights and medicine balls to guarantee a full body workout.

The Verdict: Expect to feel the burn with a vengeance as you switch between treadmill intervals and floor exercises that will leave muscles trembling. However, the uplifting soundtrack and charismatic instructors ensure we got through even the second, high interval treadmill blast.


HiitGirl Yogabomb

What Is It? Short on time but want serious results? Then head to HiitGirl for a guaranteed workout in 30 minutes. Their new class Yogabomb fuses yoga with cardio, for a class with a difference.

The Verdict: Combining fifteen minutes of hardcore HIIT exercises, with plenty of burpees, jacks and lunges, followed by another fifteen minutes of power yoga with the heat turned up to increase intensity. We left feeling sweaty and exhausted, yet energised and relaxed at the same time.



What Is It? Known as the premier barre workout for blasting fat, toning and sculpting, this 55 minute class has become a favourite worldwide for fast results.

The Verdict: Combining cardio and dance with signature pilates moves, expect to feel serious burn, particularly in the glutes as you are guaranteed to sweat. With benefits including improved posture, enhanced flexibility and a ballerina body, this fun workout is one not to miss.



What Is It? Meet the Paleo diet in exercise form. Founded in Australia, ZUU is based on high intensity, primal movement patterns with strength and endurance body weight exercises, burning up to 600 calories in half an hour. Elite athletes, military forces and personal trainers have been flocking to classes down under.

The Verdict: With moves including the ‘Gorilla’ and ‘Frog,’ expect to laugh as you crawl along in this high intensity class, which has a fun, family atmosphere with plenty of high fives. However, because the majority of us aren’t used to crawling around like a primate, you will feel muscles you never knew existed.


Girls With Guns

What Is It? Just a glance at Millie Mackintosh’s latest Women’s Health cover, shows that #girlswholift needn’t mean a bulky physique. Girls With Guns at Thirty Seven Degrees focuses on strength training, using a variety of weights to really work those arms.

The Verdict: This is the workout for those who find the male dominated weights section of the gym intimidating, lead by a self confessed, ‘Duracell Bunny,’ this class works with for all levels, with a series of reps designed to boost cardio. Be prepared to say ‘hello biceps,’ as strength notably improves after just one session.

words by Harriet Tisdall