To help you maintain a fit bod while traveling, Kathleen Fleming has picked her favourite fitness accessories, all of which fit comfortably in your hand luggage…

We all know summer bodies are made in winter. But then summer comes, we go on holiday, drink too many cocktails, eat too much ice cream, laze around on a sun lounger and hey presto before we know it, those summer bodies are no more. We agree that holidays are for relaxing and some time sun-bathing by a pool is certainly not self-indulgent. However, doing a little bit of physical activity on holiday will keep you feeling and looking your best. And who doesn’t want to return from a holiday looking extra hot and healthy?

Skipping Rope

Cheap, small and light a skipping rope can be packed into the smallest bag. Ok, you might get a few funny looks jumping rope in a hotel courtyard but who cares when you are burning around 350 calories per half an hour! It is also a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness meaning those treadmills won’t appear too daunting when you get back in the gym. You don’t need much space or much time to skip and it can be done inside or outside making the skipping rope an ideal travel companion.

Manduka Travel Yoga Mat

Yoga is a great way of keeping your body moving while you travel. You can lay your yoga mat anywhere and salute the glorious sun. Yoga will improve strength and flexibility as well as helping you de-stress after a long journey. As well as using it as a yoga mat, it can double up as an exercise mat for rocking some Pilates moves or crunching those abs. Unlike standard yoga mats this mat is as light as a feather and can be folded into a square to fit into your case. And if you are worried about getting sweaty and slipping around on the mat, it is also non-slip (tried and tested!).

Resistance Band

A resistance band can be scrunched up into a tiny ball and squeezed in the corner of the smallest handbag. It is a versatile piece of equipment as you can pretty much bust out those exercises anywhere – even on a long haul flight. There is also a range of upper and lower body exercises which you can do using resistance band and you can buy bands of varying strength too. Also resistance bands are especially good for those who are working on injury recovery and want to keep it their rehab while traveling.

Nike Free Runs

These sports shoes are seriously light weight. Plus they are flexible meaning you can bend them a little so you can make space for more bikinis in your suitcase. Not only are they practical but they also come in loads of awesome colours meaning they are functional and fashionable. Packing a good pair of trainers means there is no excuse for long walks in beautiful places, runs along the beach or getting some squats in on your hotel balcony. Here at H& H, we seriously recommend them for sightseeing trips and city breaks where you might be doing some pavement pounding.


The TRX comes in a handy small bag that you can easily shove into your holdall. Plus it weighs very little so you won’t have worry about excess baggage. The TRX is easy to use as you simply hook it up to any door frame, tree, or railing and you are all set to train. It can be used for loads of different bodyweight exercises, but it is particularly great for core training. If you like the idea of travelling with a TRX, we seriously recommend the TRX classes at Heartcore, where you can pick up some awesome TRX moves.

Image: Seafolly