Life as a new mum, super-mum, working mum or simply-trying-to-keep-it-together mum can be a challenge, but we know you embrace it and carry on living your life to the fullest – and that is what makes you so amazing! That said, there will inevitably be times when you’ve forgotten to brush your hair on your way out of the door, let alone sit and treat yourself to a homemade smoothie and side of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon! But a hungry, energy-depleted mama really isn’t good for anyone!

We know time doesn’t always permit the insta-perfect breakfast (lunch or dinner for that matter!), which is why we want to share with you our top tips for staying healthy and energized on the go!


Make sure you have breakfast! If nothing else, prioritise starting your day right. And for the time-poor, why not try making jars of chia seed pudding or overnight oat pots in the evenings, so that even if you’re rushing out, you’ve got a nutritious, homemade breakfast ready to pop in your handbag! Try this recipe here!


Keep properly hydrated – and coffee doesn’t count I’m afraid! We all know we should drink lots of water, and yet it is often forgotten. Make sure you drink water when you wake up to rehydrate yourself after your sleep, but also continue to sip on water throughout the day!


Always have a packet of nuts and seeds in your hand bag! By this we mean the unsalted, unsweetened, unrefined sort of course – but these are a great way of getting a quick energy hit if hunger pangs hit and you’re out and about with no health food shop in sight!


Treat yourself to a matcha latte! Matcha has incredible energy producing properties and is an amazing natural source of caffeine. It tastes indulgent and yet, is totally guilt free so don’t let this gem pass you by!


Make sure you’re always well stocked on healthy and quick foodie essentials! To name but a few, we think you should always have avocados, houmous, oatcakes, dates, peanut butter (allergies permitting!) and bananas at the ready!


You probably don’t think about yourself first anymore, which is wonderful but still totally necessary, and so that’s what we’re here for! Don’t forget to nourish yourself properly and maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially now that you have a little one that depends on you to be fit and well! Keep well hydrated and fuelled so you can be the best mum to your babe!

words by Cecilia Clarke – Founder of Nurture With Nature