When we diligently take care of our teeth, we usually want one particular thing above all: a bright, and healthy smile. That’s understandable; after all, when you smile, your teeth will quickly show, and who doesn’t want to look friendly and fun? Still, you might not know about the best brightening methods.

You might even have tried some techniques that “should” work but aren’t wholeheartedly recommended by dentists. Here are some tips for making your smile your brightest and healthiest yet!

Brush your teeth daily (and properly!)
For many people, it won’t be news that they should brush their teeth twice a day – if not more regularly. Still, be careful to heed other recommendations from the American Dental Association (ADA) and cited by Medical News Daily – including using a soft-bristle toothbrush. Brushing too hard can also cause gum inflammation, so, when it comes to cleaning your teeth, a softer approach is more recommended.

What about toothbrush hygiene? Your toothbrush should, in fact, be replaced at least every three or four months, which is more regularly than you might have thought!

Don’t forget to floss, too
Though many people forgo daily flossing, you could richly benefit from doing the complete opposite. That’s because it will enable you to clear food and plaque that, if left between your teeth and gums, could give rise to tartar – a solid build-up of bacteria that could subsequently result in gum disease.

Your gum health is important for your smile because, should you leave gum disease to fester, tooth loss could result. Fear not, by flossing daily, you could prevent and even reverse gum disease.  

Get whiter teeth the natural way
If you want to brighten your smile without the use of, often harsh, at-home whitening kits, then load up on strawberries! Yes, that’s right. Strawberries are excellent at whitening teeth due to their acidic content. We also love using a charcoal tooth scrub once or twice a week which really brights the colour of your teeth.

Opt for a professional clean at a dental practice
Book in for that long overdue hygienist appointment and sit back and relax while your teeth and gums get seen to.  The London-based private practice Ten Dental, offer thorough hygienist appointments this at its locations in Balham, Clapham and Wandsworth if you live south of the river. You’ll be running your tongue over your pearly teeth for the rest of the day! As noted in an Insider article, getting your teeth professionally cleaned regularly will not only keep your teeth looking tip top, but it will also prevent against things like gum disease.