Day Three

I definitely woke up with more energy today. Eyes feel a little brighter, head feels less groggy – perhaps the toxins are finally working their way out of my system? Let’s hope. The green juice was a pleasure and welcome refreshment after a light jog. And I took the milk thistle tincture as advised too (a great detoxer that supports the liver). In an attempt to hold of drinking the mid-morning smoothie – my FAVOURITE meal of the day – I had one of the Detox Box teas – Pukka’s Morning time tea that contains roobios  and is great mixed with a little oat milk. It worked for all of 20 minutes… But by god those mid-morning smoothies are delicious! The rest off the day was much easier than anticipated as Danni had sent me an email saying that often the middle day is the toughest but to hang on in there. I definitely noticed an improvement in my skin, which was great and actually had tons more energy than previous days. And I the hunger is bothering me less. But something that I have learnt is that when I am very hungry I don’t always need to stop what I am doing and eat the first thing that falls into my hand. I can wait – my body can take it – for supper or grab a juice to bridge the gap if I am not going to be eating for a while. For supper – it was the beetroot soup – so totally delicious and incredibly filling (much to my glee). Then just before bed I started to get a bit hungry again so allowed myself a hot oat milk (we had run out of the recommended almond milk).

Look out for Day 4’s post tomorrow…
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