Hip & Healthy Promotion

“Time is life. It is irreversible and irreplaceable. To waste your time is to waste your life, but to master your time is to master your life and make the most of it.”
Alan Lakein

Time is our most precious commodity – something that once spent, we can’t get back. Unfortunately in this modern day and age we are all guilty of wasting it. It’s hard to manage time effectively, especially when we have a million things going on – be it work, studying, working out or simply running around carrying out errands and getting the necessities done. But we busy bees need to make time for ourselves – time to reconnect, restore our energy and enjoy the freedom do to whatever we want. So taking these wise words from Alan Lakein, we wanted to share our top time-saving tips – making your day that little bit easier whilst allowing you to clock up those precious seconds to spend how and when you please.  Perfect.

When it comes to food, it’s easy to be lazy and opt for fast, on-the-go options – but unfortunately, most are not hip and definitely not healthy… If you thought you didn’t have time to prepare nutritious and delicious snacks and meals, think again. It really is as simple as making double the quantity of your cuisine of choice, be it a hearty soup, comforting Bolognese or super salad. As you’re already taking the time to make it, doubling the amount will only add mere minutes, and you then have the option to pack it into containers for the next day, or to freeze it for future munching.

Applying makeup needn’t use up more of your minutes, for now there is a whole host of powerful products that allow you to multi-task without even realising it. Take your foundation for example – why not swap to a tinted moisturiser? It incorporates coverage and face-cream in one, so you’ll have one less product to apply. Also try using a setting powder or spray, which will keep makeup looking fresher and helps it last longer- meaning less reapplying throughout the day.

An essential part of any beauty regime, but one that can take a lot longer than expected – moisturisers can be a time tackling ‘mare. Not only is there the process of applying it, making sure everywhere is evenly covered before tackling those hard to reach areas (middle back we’re talking to you) but there’s the dreaded drying time. Depending on the product this can result in a good half an hour of awkwardly hopping around half naked waiting to put your clothes on… But with the new Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturisers (£3.99), you can be moisturised-up and dressed in a flash. A revolutionary formula that settles into skin in seconds, leaving it soft, smooth and sublimely supple. Its spray application also means that your whole body can be covered quickly and easily, and there’s no tackiness or stickiness. With three to choose from, Essential Moisture, Aloe Fresh and Cocoa Radiant, there’s an option for everyone. A true time-managing, magical moisturiser.

For busy bees, blow-drying barnets can be a time-taking task, but with these simple tips, you can rock your selected style in a fraction of the time. Investing in a good quality dry shampoo is essential, as this means you can skip a day of hair washing with just a few sprays, or refresh locks throughout the day. Another key item is a hair towel – specifically designed to speed up the drying process whilst you can get down to other business. Or for a styling secret, why not try only blow-drying your t-section (along your hair-line and down your parting)? This is where most volume is created, so you can give hair that boost without burning more minutes.