The Ultimate Detox Programme

reviewed by Sadie Macleod

How are you feeling? Tired? Bloated? Lethargic? Im guessing all of the above. It is estimated that the UK consumes 25 million Christmas puddings, 250 million pints of beer and 35 million bottles of wine over Christmas. On average we put on between 5-7lbs during the festive holiday. So, it is no surprise that we all feel in need of a bit of a detox.

January detoxes have had a bit of bad press recently. The British Liver Trust said last year that  cutting out booze for the whole of January is no better at restoring liver health than giving up alcohol for just a few days a week. But I disagree. Obviously a reduction in overall consumption of alcohol over the entire year, hell – the rest of your life (let’s be bold here!) is best but why not kick off with a dry January. Surely we should start as we mean to go on.

If you are thinking about giving your body a well-earned break this month then we have the perfect treatment that no detox in January should ever be without: The Organic Pharmacy’s Ultimate Detox Programme. I tried it once, and folks, I can tell you that it is fascinating and I have already booked myself in for another treatment.

We begin the treatment with a health assessment. But not just any health assessment, this one is done using a Quantum QX Machine, which reveals just about everything you could ever want or need to know about your body. I am asked questions as to how I feel and if I have any areas of concern as I put my hands and feet on the metal plates of the machine. Apart from a long standing issue with my skin, I have a sore ITB band (a result of running incorrectly most of my life) and a problematic digestive system. I then have two small patches applied to my head. These send electrical currents (entirely safe I am told!), which you can’t feel, through the body and takes a scan which is projected onto the computer screen in front of me.

The scan the areas which are not quite right in red and blue. My knee and ITB band are, as predicted, highlighted red, as is my small intestine – no surprises there. But what does shock me is the low level of serotonin in my body and high levels of oestrogen. Neither of which are in any way good! As I discuss this with lovely lady conducting the test, it unfolds that this may be a result of too much stress. As stress releases cortisol in the body which block’s serotonin and increases oestrogen. On the upside, my antioxidant levels are off the scale brilliant! I knew all those blueberries where worth the £3.99 per punnett.

I am then given the Organic Pharmacy’s detox supplements, liver support drops, essential fatty acids and some serotonin supplements to help restore my body to it’s former glory. And told when and how to take them. I am no stranger to supplements but I must confess that I find them terribly boring, however I am told that it will help my skin to clear up so I am willing to do it.

Now for the lymphatic drainage massage. Not only does it feel incredibly relaxing (I am sure I nod off at one point) but this is a massage that is doing even more good than that. It is helping the lymphs to rid the bod of toxins. I emerge looking glowing and feeling lighter than air. The whole treatment takes around 150 minutes and costs £230. And it is money well spent. Ten days later my skin is looking better than ever, the supplements are still boring but I am persevering and I have booked myself in for a follow up consultation.