image: Glen Burrows

Do you have any rules that you live by when it comes to your health and fitness?
Everything in moderation; never over-work yourself that you become exhausted and fitness turns into a punishment and don’t feel guilty for enjoying yourself every now and then!


What was your hardest bad habit to kick?
My hardest bad habit to kick was eating dairy. I had a slight addiction to cheese (now replaced with cashew cheese!). However, I not only found out I was lactose-intolerant but I also discovered more about the impacts that the dairy industry has on animals through my sister’s work with the amazing animal rights charity, PETA, and I decided to cut it out completely. It’s been a challenge but I feel so much better for it.


Take us through your day on a plate…
Every day is different due to my ever-changing busy schedule, however normally its porridge in the morning with almond milk, banana cinnamon and honey. Then for lunch I tend to go for either brown rice sushi, or if I am out and about I love the Goodness Bowl at The Good Life Eatery in Chelsea and for dinner I tend to have some sort of vegan burger made of chickpeas or tofu with tons of veg.


What inspired you to want to become a personal trainer?
I became really interested in personal training after using a personal trainer myself. I loved the idea of being able to help other people achieve results like I have with my trainer. The course has been a lot harder then I thought it would be, especially with fitting in filming as well, but I’m so glad I have managed to complete it!


What do you want clients to get out of your Bootcamp in Fulham, Tonan?
I want our clients to have an enjoyable yet hard session! I want them to walk away feeling like they’ve worked hard and can feel proud of themselves. Having a bootcamp is great as it’s a brilliant way to motivate one-another, as well as socializing all whilst working out and getting fitter!


How do you balance your social life with your health goals? Do you ever find that they conflict?
Oh definitely! The normality of my social life has always been ‘drinking, eating out and going out’ so for me it has been conflicting. However, I try to suggest other ways of socialising with my friends like doing a workout and getting a juice afterwards or checking out a new healthy restaurant. My sister and I both don’t eat meat or dairy so we like to check out new vegan restaurants all the time. When it is an occasion where I do want to have a drink I’ll try to just have a gin and slim line tonic. And, of course, I do love a night out once in a while, and its something I look forward to because I no longer do it all that much. But I way prefer my new way to socialize – you just can’t beat waking up feeling great!


What’s your preferred way to stay fit?
Personally, I like to mix it up. I get bored very easily with the same workouts and I like to challenge my body. There is no way I could do the same thing four times a week. Every week I like to fit in a Pilates session, a HIIT workout, a session with my trainer and a spin class.


What or who inspired you to live the healthy life?
I feel like a lot of it came down to learning about the impacts of bad food on your body, and starting to work out, helped me with my stress levels and energy levels. I can’t imagine not working out now. I would also say Instagram really inspired me as there are so many inspiring health and fitness accounts and bloggers out there who inspire me every day with new training ideas or healthy recipes.


What three things would we find in your gym bag?
A water bottle with lots of lemon in, face-towel and headphones!


What goal would you have liked to achieve in five years time?
I’d love to have my own personal training studio in the Chelsea or Fulham plus I’d also love to do my own fitness line at some point as I have a slight addiction to buying stylish activewear.

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