Our own version of a diary of a CEO, we sat down with Marion Assuied, ex-CEO of By Terry turned founder of her first skincare brand, INUR, to discuss her wellness rituals, evening skincare must-haves, juicing, beauty splurges and her biggest life lesson.

My non-negotiable health habit

​Sleep is non-negotiable for my mind, body and skin. It is not always easy with 3 children and running my new business, but I aim for 8 hours and always to be sleep before midnight. While the body rests, the natural cells skin renewal is boosted. I now know that the highest number of cell divisions occurs between midnight and 1am, so I make sure my skincare is done by 10pm and I am winding down for bed. 

My evening ritual

​I always make sure I am drinking lots of water followed by my INUR skincare routine. This is my me time and I love taking the time to enjoy my products. 

The cleanser is applied first followed by a routine I switch up weekly to give my skin a variety of ingredients.  

1 week with Pause Shot

1 week of Realign Shot 

1 week of Replenish Shot

At night the skin gets really dehydrated and that is why I have created products for the evening with a high concentration of active ingredients. You need to feed the skin with hydration & nutrients during these hours of rest.  I also love silk pillows as they keep the skin super hydrated and help prevent fine lines. 

My de-stress tool

​Yoga. It has helped me so much in my new approach to a calmer life. I try and practice 3-4 times weekly.

My favourite way to keep fit

​Walking outside whilst listening to walking meditations and pilates for toning. 

My favourite receipt right now

​My perfect recipe for a great day is my daily cold-pressed juice of carrot, orange & ginger. This makes me feel positive and ready to tackle anything that comes my way. 

Once a week I have celery & mint juice to help regulate blood sugar levels and fight inflammation. 

My biggest health extravagance/indulgence

​I recently treated myself to a retreat at Iceland Blue Lagoon Spa. I really felt I needed a reset, and it was magical to be in nature and switch off from technology. 

My top 3 beauty travel essentials 

INUR products are perfectly packaged for travelling. They are light and easy to transport. I never travel without my Replenish Night Shot as the Aloe Vera 30% is wonderful for hydrating and a great product after being in the sun or air travel which dehydrates the skin. The Breathe Day Cream is also always in my travel bag for top-ups throughout the flight. I also can’t travel without my mini BY TERRY Baume de Rose Lip Balm, the scent is so calming! 

My biggest life lesson

​It is never too late to change your approach to living and start prioritising your health.