The Viking Method is a unique, highly functional training method that uses very specific exercises paired up in a certain way to force you to fire up more muscle fibres, utilise more oxygen and energy and burn fat like there is no tomorrow. It uses hormones; activating the good ones and de-activating the bad ones which is crucial. It is not all about looking a certain way, it is more about feeling a certain way. Powerful. Confident. Quick. Strong. Agile. It’s about not caring anymore what others think of you. We impress ourselves. Not others. This is The Viking Method.

The Hormones

You have 6 fat burning hormones (like growth hormone) and 3 fat storing hormones (like insulin). These two groups cannot be fully activated at the same time, which means when one fat storing hormone is activated, it will de-activate all of your fat burning hormones. The fat burning hormones are also anti-ageing, de-stressing and lean tissue building. In the Viking Method we train and eat to switch on the good hormones and switch off the bad.

As you eat or drink sugar/carbs, your fat storing hormone Insulin gets activated. When we train we do not want that to be working. Therefore we believe it is crucial that 90 minutes before training no sugar/carbs are consumed (no matter have complex the carbs are), so no banana before training! Switch to protein and fat pre-workout instead.

The Training

In the Viking Method we utilize every single muscle fibre in each muscle. We focus on the fast twitch muscles, that work without oxygen, are powerful but cannot last long. We include very specific exercises that we pair in a certain way; a cardio functional exercise followed by a more static functional exercise, done within a certain timeframe. This is what forces you to utilize more energy and oxygen and activates the growth hormone; the king of fat burning. The growth hormone can only be activated through truly high intensity training. Normal training or like its called ‘training in the fat burning zone, where you can always hold up a conversation’ is not good enough. This training creates an after burn that easier training does not. It raises your metabolic rate which means you will be burning fat long after you stopped training. In order to keep this higher rate up, we believe in never going longer than 48 hours in between sessions as after that time it will start to drop. The rule is when you train you should always be uncomfortable. It should always be hard. Sweating buckets!

We really focus on the right core work in the Viking Method. No lying core crunches, no weird core machines. We make you work your core as the centre of your body. As the connector. The glue that keeps you together. Using your core this way will make it extremely strong.

The Viking Evolution

What makes ‘The Viking Method’ truly different is that we do not just train for our looks, we train for power, agility and for inner and outer strength. To build self confidence, as well as mental and physical contentment.

For this reason we have created ‘The Viking Evolution’.

When you sign up for Valhalla, the Viking Online Training World, you begin with the first ‘Evolution Challenge’, this is how we measure your progress. Instead of having before and after pictures; which is no true indicator of how much greater you have become, brings about endless bodily scrutiny and only a fleeting ego boost, we measure before and after development based solely on your performance levels.

The program begins with your First Evolution Challenge, you will be assigned 2 exercises each to be repeated continuously for a specific amount of minutes. The number of sets you managed to complete is recorded, exactly the same challenge will be repeated at the end of your first Viking Training month for you to see the enormity of your improvement, you will be blown away by how much stronger, faster and more powerful you have become!

This is the vital shift we are making, we are shifting the importance of external appreciation to internal satisfaction. Training to impress ourselves, not others. This is a movement you need to be part off. ‘The Viking Evolution Challenges is about total empowerment, breaking through all obstacles, standing tall and full of greatness knowing you did this. you worked for this. you achieved this, and you deserve this. Once you make this shift it changes you forever. Your power will be unleashed. You will become a force to be reckoned with. You will say “I have evolved”.

The Viking Method Clothing Line

 In ancient Viking times the Norse Rune Alphabet, was known to carry great mystical power. They believed that you could manifest whatever you wanted in your life by carving the appropriate rune into an object and keeping it close.

The Viking Method symbol is made up of three runes representing Power, Wisdom and Courage. These runes have been carved into each item of the Viking Method training wear, therefore as you train they will become manifested in you. The roaring Power that you will set free, the Courage of pushing through all mental boundaries and the Wisdom to know that you can achieve any goal you set for yourself.

The ancient Viking power will flow through your veins like an unbreakable chain of energy. You will be undefeatable. You will be a Viking.

Words by Svava Sigbertsdottir, founder of The Viking Method

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