We’re in a lock-down which means no unnecessary outings and absolutely no access to your favourite workout studio. Boooooooo. But home workouts have come along way since the days of Jane Fonda and there are so many ways to still get an effective workout at home. 

With many studios sadly having to close their doors for the foreseeable, we’re happy to report that lots have taken to social media and their online platforms to create access for their loyal followers to still train with their favourite instructors, all virtually. 

Below we’re sharing the studios we love that you can still enjoy from your laptop, plus our favourite online workouts that have stood the test of time. 


Physical studios now online

Heartcore – Bring the same Heartcore love to Instagram lives, we’re loving the daily streams and seeing familiar faces on our screens. Usually doing 3 classes a day, there’s something for everyone to get involved with.

Hot Pod Yoga – Online flows are the way to go with Hot Pod Yoga. In these uncertain times, they are dedicated to bringing you the best flows to the comfort of your home. Sign up at Hotpodyoga.com

Paola’s Body Barre – The PBB Virtual Method is in full swing and nothing will stop you working up the usual PBB sweat! These classes are energetic as usual and will certainly get those endorphins going. 

Re:Mind – To feel more zen in this anxious time, Re:Mind has always been our go-to for relieving stress. Now, you can live stream their classes from the comfort of your living room. Head to @remindstudio to find out more.

Digme Fitness – Head over to @digmefitness on Instagram to tune into their daily live workouts. They post their schedule the day before so you know when to hop online. They’re offering everything from nourishing yoga flows to energising HIIT workouts.

Core Collective – Core Collective have launched CCTV on their website where you can workout alongside your favourite trainer. Expect high-energy, engaging workouts that will provide you with your daily fitness fix.

Louise Drake Method – Lengthen and strengthen your body with the Louisa Drake Method (LDM) from the comfort of your home with a series of live online workouts. Offering free workouts via Instagram and a schedule of the LDM classes running daily via Zoom.

FLYKICK – Releasing weekly Fitness Friday IGTV workouts, FLYKICK’s kickboxing-inspired home workouts will be sure to put you through your paces and get your heart rate up! Head over to @flykick to check out their workouts which are accessible through the feed so you can tune in when it suits you.


Our favourite online workouts

Ballet Blast Online Studio – Ballet Blast is a unique training concept created by qualified PT and ex-ballerina, Saskia Gregson-Williams, founder of Naturally Sassy. Ballet Blast fuses strength and conditioning training with classical dance principles. This whole-body approach to movement uses your body as resistance to burn fat and create long, lean, sculpted muscle. Pair up the videos to create your own tailored full workout, which you can stream directly to any device to complete your workout anywhere in the world! Monthly subscriptions start at $12.99 per month.

Pilates PT – Fusing the fundamentals of personal training and the incredible benefits of reformer pilates, Hollie Grant, founder of Pilates PT has honed and toned hundreds, if not thousands of bodies via her online programme and is dedicated to providing people with an effective, fun way to workout from home. These videos are truly personalised: The Pilates PT Team will assign you six videos to be used each week that suit your body type, fitness level, and goals. All the personalised benefits, without leaving your home! Plans start from £83 per month.

P.volve – This workout is focused around precision and elongating your muscles. Forget high intensity, P.volve workouts are not like anything you’ve done before, because the movements are not like anything you’ve tried before. They’re based on the kinds of movements you use in your everyday life (as in, not bicep curls) then carefully developed over time, incorporating neuromuscular science and functional science expertise. Plans start from £18 per month + get 30 days free streaming with code: OnePvolve

Anywhere Fitness – Anywhere Fitness fuses a great service that tailors personal training, nutrition and workout programming to meet your individual needs. The company is set up by Ben Walker, who is a successful entrepreneur in both the UK and Canada. It is almost five years since he set up his original venture in Toronto that took the city by storm that combined home programs for personal training, yoga and pilates.  Sessions range anywhere from £40-£100 depending on the service. Couples options are also welcome. *This paragraph was written in partnership with Anywhere Fitness

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