From watches to trackers, wearables have become an addition to our lifestyles, making it easier than ever to monitor our health. Air wearable brand, AirPop has launched the world’s very first active smart mask…If there was a product that needed to be invented for 2021, it was this one! 

Designed specifically with movement in mind, the Active+ is super breathable for high-intensity workouts, cycling, running and all other physical activities. The Active+ mask is made from a specialised soft knit structure which features performance pores to channel airflow. With easily changeable snap-in filters, you can ensure your mask is fresh and provides the best possible air quality at all times. The Aerodome design contours the face to make sure nothing affects your performance.

The ‘smart’ element of the mask is the Halo sensor, fitted into the fabric which actively monitors users respiratory health stats. Delivered through the AirPop app, users can collect vital health data on their breathing behaviour and cycles such as breaths per minute, breaths per pace, giving the wearer an overview of their breathing activity during heightened aerobic activity. Not only does the Halo sensor monitor your respiratory health but it also actively monitor local air quality and potential health risks. Through the app, the sensor relays any pollutants it has blocked out during its use.

This cutting edge piece of technology is up there with one of the most revolutionary designs to come out of the pandemic. Mask wearing is likely to necessary for a while, and while it’s not mandatory to wear a mask when exercising, it gives peace of mind for a lot of people worried about exercising amongst others. With gyms set to reopen on the 12th of April, the AirPop Active+ mask could be the answer to getting people back in their favourite studios, with the confidence they need!

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