Authentic Beauty Concept is the new vegan hair care brand on the block, Championing pure vegan formulas that are free from silicones, sulfates and parabens. Their range of products is tailored to a range of different hair types, each with a unique scent that will keep your hair smelling fresh. Authentic Beauty Concept products are formulated with a special combination of purified natural botanical ingredients. They use a sustainable method to extract the plant’s raw essence to gently press them into concentrate while preserving their benefits. The concentrate then goes through a process called eco-sound which is a cold, low energy extraction.

Authentic Beauty Concept has a holistic approach to hair care meaning their products won’t cause a build up of product, instead, your hair will be left with effortless style and free-flowing texture. The Authentic Beauty Concept will be taking the salon scene by storm with their range of sustainable, vegan formulas. When booking your next cut and colour, be sure to check that they are using the Authentic Beauty Concept to experience the products first hand!

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