Here at Hip & Healthy, we believe that the key to staying on top of things starts with a positive mindset and a can do attitude! We know that filling our bodies with nutritious foods, getting lots of sleep and exercising when we can really gives us a sense of empowerment and a positive outlook on life. Whether you are struggling with motivation to eat healthily, exercise daily or get things done at work, we’ve collated a fail-proof productivity guide to help you on your way to becoming the best and most organised version of you!

Get adequate sleep

Sleep is seriously undervalued in our society. Getting enough shut eye (we recommend 7-8 hours of precious beauty sleep per night) will make waking up early far easier, so you have more time to get things done!

“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will spend all day looking for it” – Richard Whately

Try to switch off electronic screens an hour before bedtime to enable optimum sleep quality as these bright lights can interfere with your natural body clock as it tries to wind down. Many studies show that the key to productivity is waking up before everyone else’s alarms go off. We know this might sound a little daunting but fear not, February is here and spring is on its way so our days will be longer, lighter and brighter!

Try to manage your stress levels

In this extremely busy lifestyle we lead, little time is left to truly focus and appreciate ourselves. In order to perform well and stay on top of things, we really need to manage our stress levels. We would recommend a relaxing yoga session, some stretching before bed or when you first wake up, or take a warm bath to ease muscle tension. Don’t forget to breathe deeply – try focusing on your breath for a few minutes per day as this can really restore our sense of calm. These tips will allow for a more positive outlook on life and allow you to take on anything life throws at you!

Keep a list of things you need to do

Achieving our goals and making our deadlines can sometimes seem really daunting. Yet keeping a running list of things you need to get done either on paper or on your phone can make your life significantly easier. Visual lists will allow for a clearer sense of what you need to get done, and allow you to prioritise the most important things first. Not forgetting the most obvious, a list will keep you from forgetting what you are supposed to be doing in the first place! We do urge you to keep these lists as simple as possible though – try not to take on too many things at once and learn to say no. Too often in our busy lifestyles, we are so concerned with solving other people’s problems that we neglect our own priorities and push them to the side.

Set yourself goals

Try writing a list of goals you hope to achieve in 2016. By actually writing these down or telling your friends and family, these goals are way more likely to become a reality. Trying to stick with your fitness regime this year? Schedule in weekly classes with a friend so you have no excuse but to go, or book a series of classes. We love yoga as it strengthens our bodies, reduces stress, not to mention its benefits for our mental health. We all know how good exercise makes us feel, and enjoying it with a friend only adds to these benefits.

With regards to healthy eating goals and staying on track, yet again keeping a food diary proves to be a tried and tested way to ensuring you’re sticking to your healthy eating plans. Reflecting on our daily intake really heightens our awareness of exactly what we are consuming, making us more mindful and more inclined to choose nourishing whole food options as we go about our day.

Words by Flora Crichton

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