The Secret Gym concept was born out of founder, David Rees, desire to have everything he needed under one roof. His office, LXA,  a gym and a healthy cafe all in the same place…the dream! David joined forces with former Commonwealth and IBO World Champion boxer, Richard Williams and The Secret Gym was born, offering professional-level boxing training and classes alongside other HIIT, Cardio and Yoga in a bright and airy fitness studio in London Bridge. The Live Better Cafe serves up an array of healthy, delicious meals made using produce from neighbouring Borough Market keeping the carbon footprint low and supporting local businesses!


In three words…

Skilful, agility, authentic

Who is it for?

Those who are looking to perfect their boxing technique and even throw a few punches in the ring itself! Not to be mistaken with a ‘boxercise’ style class, The Secret Gym will help you master the art of boxing using power and agility to perfect each punch.

What makes The Secret Boxing Gym different?

Bringing the focus back to authentic boxing, The Secret Boxing Gym helps amateurs train like pro’s within the comfort of deluxe, newly furbished space. When you picture a traditional boxing gym you think of a dark clammy gym with sweat-ridden gloves and a lot of male testosterone! If that isn’t for you but you still want to train like a champ, The Secret Boxing Gym is the place. 

Why we love it?

The instructors are really attentive and will take time with each person in the session to work one-on-one on their technique and correct any errors. We also love the authenticity of this boxing gym combined with the modern luxe gym atmosphere, the perfect place to kick some ass and also enjoy your fave vegan protein shake!

Our top pick classes…

The Original Secret

Taught by none other than world champ, Rich Williams, The Original Secret includes bag work, pad work, cardio and strength training. If you are looking to work your entire body to the absolute max, this is class! Fast-paced, intense and a whole lot of fun (also our preferred way of letting off some steam).

HIIT & Core

No punching involved in this one but do not worry, there is plenty of ways your body will be challenged!  Think burpees, crunches and mountain climbers! Your heart rate will be soring throughout this session and your abs will be on fire.

Boxing Circuit

Putting a boxing spin on classic circuit training, this session will focus on cardio, muscular endurance, power and strength work. You will be working to the timer with fast changes. We love the combo of circuit drills and boxing rounds, it works really well and gives you an amazing workout!


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