Have you ever seen a more trendy looking supplement brand than The Nue Co….? We’ll wait!

Having taken the USA by storm The Nue Co. have excitingly launched their UK site. Proving effective supplements can be cool, this brand has redefined the supplement world with their range of unique formulas that promise real results within 30 days of use, resulting in an impressive 67% repeat purchase rate. The brand blends innovative science with natural ingredients to deliver results-driven solutions to a multitude of health concerns including digestion, mood, skin and sleep. 

Raising the bar for better supplements, The Nue Co. caters for those who want to invest in for their overall health. Born following founder, Jules’ own experience with IBS in her early 20’s and inspired by her Grandfather who specialised in the study of Vitamin B12 at The University of Cambridge, The Nue Co.’s initial aim was to create supplements that weren’t full of preservatives or fillers and that actually worked using only the best in science, food, and alternative medicine. Clinically proven ingredients are combined with best practices from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to create formulas which are free from toxic preservatives, additives, flavourings and sweeteners.

The Nue Co. priorities sustainability by responsibly sourcing the ingredients with 95% of its materials being infinitely recyclable.

Our Top Pick-

DEBLOAT+…. the best-selling, clinically-proven formula of seventeen digestive enzymes and Ayurvedic extracts. Clinical studies show a reduction in bloating and heartburn within thirty days, with 60% of people markedly improved or symptom-free within 30 days.

PREBIOTIC + PROBIOTIC…clinically proven to aid IBS symptoms and improve long-term gut health, with guaranteed delivery of 15 billion spores in each dose. 

NOOTRO-FOCUS…clinically proven to increase motor function and attention within 28 days, while heightening mental clarity and sharpening focus. 

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