Editor of Hip & Healthy, Sadie Macleod, fills us in on the go-to beauty products that any new yummy mummy should be keeping in her bathroom cabinet.

Four-months ago I had my first son… Max. Since having Max, one of the first things to fly out of the window was keeping up any sort of beauty regime. This is from someone who moisturised every inch of her body religiously after any bath or shower – now i am lucky if I brush my teeth twice a day (no jokes). Although, over the past few months I have found some trusty beauty products that have become some of my closest allies as I navigate these totally uncharted waters, which I wanted to share. As something I have discovered is that if anything helps in the first few months after having a baby it is worth sharing just in case it helps someone else!


The Moisturiser – Calm Balm, Skin & Tonic
Let’s face it – whether your babe sleeps through the night from week one (unlikely) or has you up every 45 minutes for a feed you are going to feel like you need much more sleep than you are getting and this shows on your face. For me – my skin reacted by getting so dry that it resembled something you would sand a table with and so a fantastic moisturiser has been key in giving my skin it’s glow back. Skin & Tonic’s Calm Balm not only hides all manner of sins but it aids sleep as two of its five (yes… FIVE) organic ingredients are Chamomile and Lavender. Rub the balm into your palm to create an oil before applying to your face then take three deep breaths whilst cupping your hands over your nose for the ultimate in relaxation technique.


The Mask – GlamGlow YouthMud
When I heard that there was a mask on the market that Hollywood A-Listers used in oder to give their skin a youthful boost before any award ceremony or public appearance (Jourdan Dunn, Nathalie Portman and Usher are all fans) I had to give it a try immediately and it is the best mask I have ever used! When you first apply GlamGlow it tingles so much you think it might be burning your skin but stick with it for it is actually working its magic. Once the mask has been removed (wipe it off with a muslin) you’ll notice your skin is instantly brighter and feels so much smoother. It is an instant pick-me-up for your face.


The Hand Cream – Aveda Hand Relief
When a newborn is around, clean hands are essential and after changing nappies 30 times a day, you’ll be washing them a lot! This can result in very dry, itchy skin around the fingers and wrists particularly. Hand cream will be your life saver. I love this one from Aveda as it is super thick, smells yummy and totally natural. It also contains licorice root, which is an anti-irritant helping to calm any redness or soreness.


The Beauty Oil – Pai Bio Regenerate Oil
Made from skin-loving rosehips, this super oil is perfect for sensitive skin and is the most concentrated rosehip oil on the market today. It’s high levels of Vitamin A will help boost your skin’s natural healing process, meaning that scars, wrinkles and even sun damage will be fainter for it. I found that particularly because of the dryness and the tiredness, my skin aged terribly when Max was first born, but after a few applications of this oil it became so much fuller and went back to what it once was pretty quickly. It also doubles up as an amazing stretch mark oil so use it freely on any areas that you would like to improve.

TOP BEAUTY TIP: Use your nipple cream as a lip balm at night too as it is super moisturising!

words by Sadie Macleod