Hip & Healthy founder, Sadie, went to the launch of the new Face Toned beauty app and came away with a whole new philosophy on anti-ageing.

I used to think that a concoction of SPF and moisturiser and a balanced diet (with an extra helping of antioxidants) was all you needed to arm yourself in the battle against ageing. That was, until I met Carme. Carme is the incredibly youthful looking founder of Facetoned – a workout programme designed to work out the muscles in your face, build collagen and keep you looking younger for longer. You can read all about Hip & Healthy experiencing a Face Toned Class with Carme here.

But now, to experience FaceToned yourself, you don’t even need to set foot in their trendy Notting Hill studio as Carme has just launched the FaceToned app – designed to bring her amazing face workout to as many people as possible and from the comfort of your own home. Judging by Carme’s own face – the results are pretty amazing. And when she explained to us the science behind why it works so well it feels like a no-brainer: the Pilates-based exercises work deep into the core muscles and then the more superficial ones, creating natural definition and a more toned appearance. It also helps the production of collagen and boosts the natural detoxification process too.

The app allows you to personalise your workouts with weekly online live classes webinars, and you’ll have access to more than 50 recipes to help nourish your skin and muscles. You’ll also have access to the FaceToned Foundation 6-weeks/5-days programme and free live face-to-face webinars to answer questions, get helpful tips and do a live workout.

Discover more here.