The festive hangover – That dreaded thing! If your tummy is quivering at the thought of more alcohol consumption over Twixmas and New Year, you NEED some festive natural hangover cures to get you through the morning after! From detox baths to self-massage (yes, really) here’s what Emilie de Block, essential oil expert and founder of Bio Scents suggests when the hangover headache and nausea sets in.

Citrus Detox Bath for Hangovers: An Epsom or Himalayan Salt bath will work wonders to absorb toxins from the body when you’ve overindulged with alcohol. I’d then recommend going the extra step with essential oils for the ultimate detox.  Add a few drops of sweet orange or lemongrass essential oils to your bath salts before adding them to the water – both of these citrus scents improve sluggishness which is caused by an overworked liver. You can also try our scotch pine essential oil from the Immunity Collection, which has strong reviving properties.

48hr Hangover Insomnia: Have you noticed that the night after drinking you struggle to sleep? It’s a common symptom of a hangover along with the post-party blues. We love making an at-home Cedarwood Sleep Spray which also works to remove all those negative emotions whilst giving you a great night’s sleep. Similar to lavender, cedarwood is a natural sedative and great for detoxifying and clearing negative emotions – as when it’s inhaled cedarwood triggers the release of serotonin in the brain which converts to melatonin. So how to make our Cedarwood Sleep Spray? 

  1. Add one cup of water to a large jug 
  2. Add one cup of rubbing vinegar (or vodka – we promise it works, believe us!)
  3. Add 10-20 drops of Cedarwood Essential Oil & blend well 
  4. Pour into a bottle with a spray top, spritz on your pillow and linen before bed & enjoy! 

Hangover Muscle Ache Relief: Muscle aches and muscle pain are a common symptom of hangovers. It happens due to multiple factors including dehydration, the body’s breakdown of alcohol into toxic metabolites, overall increased inflammation in the body and electrolyte imbalance. So how can you get relief? Try making our Hangover Wonder Oil which includes Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus Oil. To make it simply pour 1 cup of carrier oil (coconut, sweet almond, jojoba, olive oil) with 5 drops of Lavender (for calm & sleep), 5 drops of Peppermint (for headache relief) and 5 drops of Eucalyptus (for muscle aches), blend well by shaking or stirring and use it to massage into your muscles, especially focusing on your feet! Your feet are full of pressure points that relate to the rest of your body, including your liver and your head.

Anti-Nausea Inhale Remedy: Feeling green? Peppermint Essential Oil is said to be an amazing natural remedy for nausea when inhaled. It is also a miracle worker for headaches so is a must-have for any hangover! Simply bring the bottle to your nose and inhale deeply – but never for longer than 5 minutes per hour. Inhalation is the most effective way of using essential oils. By inhaling the essential oils, their vapours go through the olfactory nerve and get to the limbic system the quickest, which is where they have the desired effects.  If you want to take your time and make it into a hangover ritual, you can also add a few drops to a hot bath (we recommend 3 – 4 drops always mixed with a carrier oil).

words by Emilie de Block

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