How you start the morning can be a key deciding factor in setting the right tone for the rest of your day. Think about the routine you’ve created for yourself – perhaps you rush around like crazy from the get go, fuelled by multiple cups of coffee; maybe you’re more of a tranquil meditation morning person, or it could be that you simply can’t seem to get out of bed!

Of course there’s no one-fits-all solution to starting the day, however there are certainly small changes we can all make which may well make us happier and our days run that little bit smoother. We were lucky enough to get a glimpse into the morning routines of 6 women we admire across the health and lifestyle scene – read on for some fresh inspiration on how to master your mornings like a pro.

Carole Bamford: Founder of Daylesford Organic and natural clothing, body and skincare label Bamford

My morning usually begins at about 6:00am, I am most definitely an early riser. I like to start the day with a cup of hot water with lemon, I find it refreshing and cleansing. The first thing I do in the morning is to take my dogs for a walk when it is still crisp and fresh outside. When I get back home, I adore fresh fruit, so depending on what is in season, I have a bowl of fruit with some yoghurt or maybe some homemade Bircher muesli to keep me going through the morning. Then I either do half an hour of yoga with Vettri, a Pranayama yoga specialist, or I go to the gym.

As you may know I believe that what you put on the body, is as important as what you put inside. So when I am getting ready for my day I like to use our Bamford Organic skincare and body products, maybe I am biased but I find they really do work and leave my skin feeling nourished. I know it’s so often said but I do also believe it is important to drink plenty of water and get as much sleep as possible each night too.

Before I know it, it is 9am and I am heading to my office looking forward to what the day will bring – whether that be a food tasting or reviewing our latest clothing collection.


Tara Stiles: Yoga Instructor and author of Make Your Own Rules Diet and Make Your Own Rules Cookbook

I’m usually up at 6am and try to spend a little time rolling around in bed with some easy stretches and meditation before I pop up for a shower and hop on the agenda for the day. I know if I don’t give myself 5 minutes to be with my thoughts I’ll get caught up in everything else. Honestly, I don’t meditate perfectly every morning like this, but it’s a goal to do it as often as I can. If I’m in NYC, I head to the studio for morning class, or practice, or shooting some yoga videos. The light is so warm and cozy in the studio in the AM so I love spending a bit of time doing some easy-going yoga that feels great for me, before the day starts. But again, not perfect and this doesn’t happen always. Before the studio, Mike (the hubs) and I go for a walk to our favorite coffee shop, Ground support and spend some quality time together which is nice. I’ll usually have breakfast after a bit of yoga. I love cooking so will have whatever is currently in the house, from some homemade soup, to a smoothie, salad, or eggs and toast. I like the variety and not sticking to the same breakfast every day keeps me feeling healthy and in the moment with what I need to fuel myself.


Julie Montagu: Yoga Instructor and author of blog The Flexi Foodie

Mornings have become a bit easier this year as my youngest was old enough to take the school bus.  So, not having to do the school run for the first time in nearly 14 years was sort of shocking!!! (but I’m not complaining!)  So, once I get all 4 kids out of the house around 7:45am – my day begins!  For breakfast I really alternate between granola topped with almond milk and berries and avocado on toast with red pepper chili flakes.  Then, I hop on my bike to teach my yoga class or to do a yoga class but I’m always cycling first thing in the morning.  I would have cycled at least 5 miles before 10am so that’s my exercise every single morning plus a yoga class.  Most days, I have meetings where I can’t really wear yoga clothes to the meeting, so the secrets now out…. I wear yoga clothes every morning but then roll up in ‘normal clothes’ and put them in my backpack.  I seem to always end up changing at triyoga Chelsea back and forth b/w yoga clothes and normal clothes.  A good example is that I recently went to the Hemsley & Hemsley book launch and had just taught a yoga class beforehand.  So, I reached into my backpack and changed into a dress!  I’ve learned that rolling your clothes helps to stop them from wrinkling! As far as morning beauty routine…. let’s remember that I have four kids so my morning beauty routine is as quick as they come, but it works! I literally splash my face with cold water and then apply Caroline Forbes, The Facial Oil.  It’s a lightweight easily absorbed facial oil that’s packed with skin-loving nutrients.  I swear by it. 


Georgie Coleridge Cole: Founder and editor of online lifestyle magazine SheerLuxe

My morning routine is anything but inspiring. It is a rush – daily – as I race around getting the children ready for school, my hair and make up done and the house tidy before traffic, a school drop, nursery drop, quick dog walk and myself at my desk by 9.15am.

If I’m going to the gym (I go 4-5 times a week religiously and would love it always to be first thing but sadly that isn’t possible) then I’m up at 6.15am to be there when the door opens to do 40 mins of cardio and back in time for my husband to leave for work at 7.20am.

If I’m not gyming then I get up at 7.15am, check my emails, get my children up and dressed for school and nursery and myself ready for work. My children are big sleepers so I always leave them until the last minute, which doesn’t help the hustle!

Breakfast is quick and I’m a creature of habit so it’s a couple of pieces of gluten free bread and nut butter for me plus a 1000mg effervescent vitamin c that I take daily – my PA was saying how remarkable it is that I have never get ill and I swear it is down to the Vit C!


Madeleine Shaw: Nutritional health coach, author of Get The Glow and creator of The Glow Guides app

My typical morning begins waking up around 6:30 am – I normally wake up before my alarm and love to start my day with a yoga routine. I love to get a workout done in the morning so I can have the rest of my day feeling pretty smug and energised!

I’ll then make myself some yummy breakfast, usually consisting of eggs and avocado… I’m pretty obsessed! If not then I will have some buckwheat porridge or an almond milk, spinach and banana smoothie. Then I get to work with emails, sort out my diary and often I am shooting so run out the door to get to the shoot.

I’ll wear my yoga clothes for exercise and breakfast then change into something casual but chic – I love to wear loose white blouses, jeans or casual t-shirts. I have a classic style and love to incorporate this into my everyday attire. I also love a coat and think it really completes an outfit – I’ve got a great one from Theory at the moment which I love.

For skincare I really do take my time over it, I love this part of the day! I cleanse, moisturize and use facial oils, serums and have just started using eye cream. I tend to use all natural ingredients as this works best for my skin. I wear minimal make up as love to let my skin breathe!


Niki Rein: Founder and CEO of Barrecore

The alarm goes off between 5:30am and 6am depending on the day ahead. I aim to meditate for 15 minutes or so but it doesn’t always happen and I sure feel my monkey-mind take over when I don’t. I let my dog, Bruno, outside while I boil bone broth (I love slow cooked beef broth). First thing is the best time to try to tackle as many emails as possible and set my goals for the day head while I sip my nourishing broth. Savoury broth may not sound enticing but is actually delicious and makes my energy soar and has made huge improvements to my digestion, hair, skin and nails. I like to workout early in the day so I often go for a run or take a barrecore class followed by having a black or a Bulletproof coffee (organic coffee with coconut oil and grass-fed butter).

I am very rigid with my skincare routine. Each morning I use an exfoliating glycolic cleanser by Exuviance followed by evening primrose pressed across my face, neck and decolletage. My makeup, Oxygenetix foundation, is light, breathable and safe to wear during teaching and training. I also use Chantecalle blush and and lip conditioning Lip Chic which gives me an all natural colour pop.

Article constructed by Meryn Turner