The Glow Summit is a five-day, online summit which aims to help viewers learn from the very best experts in nutrition, exercise, mindset, clean beauty and lifestyle so they can ‘glow’ from the inside and out.

The summit runs twice a year (April and October) and was created by Ailish Lucas, the founder of theglowgetter.co after wanting to attend numerous wellness events in different countries but didn’t have the time or budget to attend all of them.

Nutrition advice is provided by qualified nutritionists such as Jessica Sepel from JS Health, exercise advice provided by Personal Trainer and YouTuber Carly Rowena and professional dancer Danielle Peazer, along with mindset advice from life coach Lucy Sheridan and Ruby Warrington. There will also be clean beauty guidance from expert green makeup artists and inspiration on going after your dreams by Jo Fairley, founder of Green and Blacks plus more.

The wellness industry is said to be worth 3.72 trillion dollars representing +5% of all global economic output yet many people struggle to get to wellness events held because of lack of time, money and accessibility. The Glow Summit seeks to overcome this through interviewing experts online so people can watch from the comfort of their own home.

Lucas quotes ‘I want to give everyone the chance to learn from some of the best in wellness and lifestyle without having to pay the hefty price tag that a lot of events normally charge. My vision is to help everyone glow inside and out, and for me, that means reviewing what you’re eating, thinking, how you’re moving, what you’re using and what you’re doing. Everything is intertwined, so if I can help inspire people to live their best life, then that’s my mission accomplished’.

The summit takes place on October 8th through till 14th and all interviews will be online, for free during that week. To sign up here –  theglowgetter.co/the-glow-summit-30