The Foundry is London’s hardcore gym with a no BS kind of attitude to training… be sure to leave your ego at the door when you enter. Teamwork plays a major part in The Foundry’s concept, each session is gruellingly tough but with the help of the trainers and the coaches, you’ll have the ability to push boundaries you did not know were possible. The Foundry is an inclusive community of like-minded people that want to improve as aspects of their health. As much as having toned glutes or ripped apps is great, what’s way more important is your mental health and wellbeing, which The Foundry places the emphasis on.

The classes include…

‘City Strongman’ is a brutal fat-burning workout! The clue is in the name with this one, you’ll be using your mental and physical strength to get you through each 3-minute round. Think log pressing, sled dragging, prowler pushing, and the dreaded Atlas Stones!

‘Sweat’ uses a mixture of HIIT and resistance training to burn fat and build lean muscle. Working in a team environment, get ready for challenging callisthenics, battle ropes, Air-Dynes and Ski Ergs.

‘Combine’ will bring out your competitive side! This class gives you the chance to test yourself to see how you stack up against other teams and The Foundry Trainers.

‘Hang’ is unique to The Foundry, this ‘callisthenics’ body-weight class uses the ropes and rings to test your strength using high-intensity conditioning. Not only is it a great way to burn calories but it also reduces the risk of muscle injury, physical imbalances, or mobility issues.

‘Lift’ is designed to build strength and muscle whilst carving out some serious definition. Sessions will focus on either lower, upper or full body. Expect heavy compound lifts which will hit those major muscle groups.

Pop down to one of the gyms at Vauxhall, Old Street or the newest of the bunch Bank, to try out one the classes. We can assure you, you’ll leave flying high with endorphins!