From first time gym goers to professional athletes, fitness is an important part of everyone’s life – so why not celebrate it! Get excited and remember to pack your trainers, as Hampshire and Berkshire will be throwing their first ever Wellbeing and Fitness Festival at Wellington Country Park. Refresh, which will be held from September 2nd to September 3rd, will incorporate outdoor health, fitness, inspiration, and motivation as one reconnects with their active body and spirit. From a range of activities such as workshops, product trials and more Refresh will provide a welcoming environment for all levels of fitness lovers.

Working out all day sounds like hard work, but don’t worry, Refresh will also offers 7 different zones during their event to explore, participate, or relax. Areas such as Revitalize which will allow you to learn from professional fitness experts, nutritional advisors and life coaches to Revive which allows you to heel from the powers of Reiki, reflexology, and body massages are just a few of the amazing parts of this festival. Whatever you’re looking for, Refresh has got you covered, they even have plenty of events for the children – so don’t forget to bring the entire family.

But wait, that’s not all! The host of this amazing event is none other than the 2 time Olympic gold medalist Dame Kelly Holmes. If that isn’t a reason to book a ticket then we don’t know how we can convince you!

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