We often talk about what effects things have on the environment but do we really know the true cost? Felix, the Swedish-based food company’s new green venture, ‘The Climate Store’ is now pricing its products to reflect their carbon footprint. The first of its kind, ‘Felix’ is helping local shoppers make more sustainable choices when doing their weekly food shop and hope to make customers think twice about what they stock their fridge up with. With a substantial 1/4 of worldwide carbon emissions down to food products and livestock responsible for an estimate ⅕, it’s long overdue that consumers are given the information they need to see in black and white to help them make more informed choices when purchasing.

When shopping at The Climate Store customers are given a weekly budget of 18.8 kilograms of CO2e to spend, which reflects an acceptable balance of carbon emissions. Simply put the climate-based currency enables items that are carbon-intensive, such as animal-based products, to be priced higher than their plant-based counterparts, which have a far lower footprint.

Felix has long been a competitor in the sustainable food market. With a product line ranging from cupboard essentials such as ketchup, lingonberry jam and porridge to accessible vegetarian ready meals and frozen foods, Felix is a household name amongst Swedes. As well as the launch of The Climate Store, Felix is taking their commitment to tackling climate change one step further but adding new Low Climate Impact symbol labels to their manufactured food products, so anywhere their products are stocked consumers will be in the know about what items are less impactful on the environment.

Setting by example, The Climate Store is a great, green step in the right direction. Let’s hope the idea has a knock-on effect worldwide and we start to see climate-based currency stores popping up everywhere!