Did you know your mouth is, quite literally, the gateway to the rest of your body? We must make sure we look after it, whilst looking after the planet too.  

From day to night, almost every part of your daily routine has a direct impact on the environment, and this includes your oral care habits. Research shows that the average person will use over 320 toothbrushes and 735 toothpaste tubes in their lifetime, with the majority being thrown away without a second thought for the impact on the planet. 

To help reduce environmental impact and encourage more responsible oral care habits, mouth health brand Zendium has stepped up its sustainable footprint by dropping the box from all their toothpaste products, partnering with Boots* to spearhead a new ‘naked’ shelving concept that shows us a glimpse into the future of a more sustainable toothpaste aisle. After all, why does toothpaste come in a box? Do we really need it or read it? 

Just think, by simply removing the toothpaste box, the very thing that goes straight in the bin when you get home, the equivalent of 2500 trees* will be saved every year!

It is estimated that around 30-40% of landfill waste in the UK comes from recyclable packaging from bathroom products, including toothpaste boxes – that means lots of us are not correctly disposing of the packaging from our toiletries*, but Zendium is problem-solving from the ground up and taking the issue out of our hands altogether. 

This new ‘naked’ concept is set to challenge and reinvent the shopping experience, aiming to make sustainable choices much more accessible – are you ready to drop the box and say no to senseless waste? 

What is Zendium all about?
Born out of Denmark, the most environmentally friendly country in the world*, Zendium’s revolutionary formulations are designed to look after our teeth and look after our planet, win-win we say.

Thanks to ground-breaking research into mouth health and antibacterial science, Zendium toothpastes contain some of the same natural enzymes and proteins found in saliva, to strengthen your mouth’s natural defences and help protect against dental problems without the need for harsh ingredients. Zendium is also free from SLS (the foaming ingredient found in many other toothpastes).  

Instead, Zendium contains kind, mild formulas that respect your mouths delicate tissues. Its low-foaming formula also minimises the amount of water needed when rinsing, in fact as much as 4 litres per person per week!

And just when you think the grass couldn’t get any greener, Zendium’s factories only use renewable energy!

So, while the planet might benefit from Zendium’s forward-thinking ideas and technology, how can you? 
Well, you can now find Zendium’s ‘naked’, fully recyclable toothpaste tubes made of 60% plant-based plastic stocked in Boots* stores nationwide, alongside Ocado, Amazon and Zendium online.

Shop Zendium.co.uk

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*Available in larger Boots stores across the UK
*Trees used for previous paper were sustainably sourced