Retreats could well be the highest form of self-care. How often do you dedicate time solely to yourself? Between juggling work-life chaos, one of the only ways to truly unwind is by stepping off the hamster wheel and hitting the reset. As our lifestyles demand more and more from us, the retreat industry has evolved. What was once a relatively small market has come on leaps and bounds in the past 5 years, with every retreat option imaginable coming to fruition. 

Exploration and education are the common threads that run through retreats, whether that be in the form of yoga, nutrition, hormonal health, surfing, creative writing, or fitness, the possibilities are endless. There is more to retreating than dabbling in the spa and honing your sun salutations, on a deeper level they enhance personal development and inner growth.

From gut-healing breaks in the UK, to soul-inspiring hiatus’ in Spain, we’ve listed an array of the best wellness retreats that cater to all, whether you’re a wellness novice or a seasoned retreater.

Broughton Hall

BEST FOR: Spiritual Awakening

This dedicated retreat destination, open year-round, is set on a beautiful country Estate on the foothills of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. There’s a wide selection of transformational residential retreats that use the Avalon Wellbeing Centre, the modern Retreat Centre based in Broughton Hall, as a base. From spiritual development to trauma healing, Avalon is a breeding ground for holistic transformation with no boundaries on exploration.

DETAILS: All year round• Skipton, Yorkshire, UK


BEST FOR: Yoga & Chic Living

Dotted across the Balearics, Wylder retreats involve yoga combined with mindful practices, outdoor activities and workshops, whilst soaking up the local culture. Every element of the retreat is curated to perfection from the rustic-chic villas to the organic food. Act fast to snap a spot as they do sell out.

DETAILS: 5 days • April-October • Multiple locations in Balearic Islands, Spain

‘Renew & Harmonise’ Retreat

BEST FOR: Mid-Life Hormone Balancing

Tailored for menopausal and perimenopausal women, the Renew & Harmonise Retreat at Hotel Camiral explores naturopathic therapies, holistic treatments, and cutting-edge technologies to address symptoms including anxiety and poor sleep. Bolstered by an ace line-up of experts including PT and lifestyle coach, Monique Eastwood, nutritionist Mireia Cervera and wellness expert Edgar Tarrés. From pelvic floor muscle workshops, low-impact training sessions, photobiomodulation therapy and pressotherapy, the programme adopts a proactive approach to address women’s health.

DETAILS: 30 Sept- 4 October • Hotel Camiral, Girona, Spain 

Shine Retreats

BEST FOR: Exploring Creativity

Shine’s creative-led wellness retreats are hosted in an intimate setting at the 9-bedroom farmhouse estate in Umbria. Expect workshops from creative writing to cooking classes, countryside walks, lake swims, Pilates, yoga and Qi Gong. Plenty of chances to explore the local areas and the tastes of Tuscany.

DETAILS: May-July • Umbria, Tuscany, Italy

BXR Retreats

BEST FOR: Sun-Soaked Fitness

Bringing a handful of in-house PT’s from their esteemed London studios, BXR’s boot camp style retreats let you indulge in pure luxury whilst getting shredded. Hosted at Daios Cove in Crete and The Bodrum Edition in Turkey, BXR come fully equipped with all the kit to transform outdoor areas into alfresco-style fitness spaces. The programming is hardcore, with up to four daily workouts and outdoor activities! Complimented by a nutritious meal plan, you’ll come back in the shape of your life.

DETAILS: 5-7 days • May / October • Crete, Greece /  Bodrum, Turkey

NIHI Sumba Equine Retreats

BEST FOR: Horse Healing

NIHI Sumba, secluded in Indonesia’s Sumba island, untouched by mass tourism, offers equine wellness in a unique retreat programme where horses take the spotlight as the healers. Purpose-crafted activities help to gain profound insights into emotions, communication styles, and behavioural patterns, unleashing therapeutic catharsis. The tropical location, swarming with natural beauty, adds to the otherworldly experience encountered on this unparalleled retreat that leverages the synergy between horses and humans.

DETAILS: 5 days • Sumba, Indonesia

Wildlife & Yoga Retreats

BEST FOR: Safari & Yoga

Blending movement and mindfulness with immersive wildlife experiences, these retreats explore Kenya in all its glory, from luxury tented camps in the highlands to the white sands of Manda Bay and the untouched landscapes of Tsavo. Days are action-packed with exhilarating game drives as well as yoga sessions, followed by evenings unwinding with yin and meditation. Aside from safari, you’ll also experience Kenya’s wilderness through horse-riding expeditions guided bush walks, picturesque cycling excursions and hiking.

DETAILS: All year round • Locations across Kenya

Soul & Surf

BEST FOR: Yoga & Surfing

Soul & Surf offers an enriching adventure in South Western Algarve, blending surf culture with holistic wellness practices. Nestled along the stunning coastline, this retreat is filled with rejuvenating activities tailored to nourish both body and soul. Practice yoga, meditate, eat ‘sunshine’ food, surf the Atlantic waves or just hang by the pool! Surf school commences early, you’ll be taken out in small groups focused on your level, be that beginner, improver, intermediate or beyond.

DETAILS: 3/4/7 days • April-Nov • Lagos, Portugal

The Dreaming

BEST FOR: Mystical Wellbeing

The Dreaming is a dedicated retreat house spanning 47 acres of flora and fauna in the Elan Valley in mid-Wales. Rooted in Celtic traditions, spiritual healing and ceremonial rituals, nature is the bow that ties The Dreaming together, charting the course for each one-of-a-kind itinerary. While one day may encompass a spellbinding sound healing ceremony, open-air yoga in the teahouse, cold water immersion and fireside talks with marshmallow toasting, others may commence at the crack of dawn with a cathartic silent disco barefoot in the fields booging to Beyonce, followed by forest bathing in the cedar woods, nature crafting and celestial star-gazing to finish off the day. Embracing communal living is a fundamental aspect of The Dreaming’s ethos, fostering friendships to bloom. 

DETAILS: 3 days • All year round • Rhayader, Wales

Marine Rays

BEST FOR: Surfing & Community

Hosting a handful of retreats near surf hotspots in Portugal, Bali and Cornwall, Marnie Rays is built on a culmination of surfing, wellness, movement, food, community and good vibes! Mornings are typically spent catching waves, guided by the experts, with hikes filling the afternoon and evening yoga and meditation to stretch out your limbs. Each retreat has a unique aspect to it, whether it be a cool collection of guest chefs or skateboarding lessons, Marine Rays draws in a free-spirited crowd who crave something a little different from your average retreat.

DETAILS: 5 nights / June / Aljezur, Portugal • 3 nights / September/ Cornwall, UK • 7 nights / October / Ubud, Bali

The Body Camp

BEST FOR: A Mix Of Modalities

Hosting retreats on the rural side of Mallorca in Sencelles, The Body Camp’s programme builds strength and confidence in a fun-fuelled way that will spark a love for fitness. Modalities vary from HIIT, cycling, boxing, circuits, TRX, weight lifting, tennis, hiking, yoga, mobility, mindfulness, ice bathing and more, giving you a chance to find the training methods you connect with the most. The Body Camp also hones in on holistic therapies including Reiki and sound healing to balance the invigorating side of the retreat. The plant-based food is a key pillar in the ethos, with education on improving your nutrition and correctly balancing proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your day-to-day.

DETAILS: 7-14 days • April-September • Mallorca, Spain

Terranam Wellness

BEST FOR: Gentle Retreating

Located on the coast of Galicia, Terranam’s holistic retreats are housed in a renovated manor house. Open to all, this retreat strikes the balance between renewal and relaxation for the mind, body and soul. Yoga takes place twice a day as well as outdoor adventures from exploring a breathtaking lagoon, historic Viking ruins and boardwalk hikes along the beachfront. Adopting a farm-to-fork style of gastronomy, the vegetarian dishes have been curated by top Spanish Michelin star-trained chef Marta Cebrian Lopez. Immerse in a traditional Celtic ritual which pays homage to the region, and a sound bath in the chapel, plus each guest is treated to a massage.

DETAILS: 4/5/ 7 days •  April-September • Catoira, Spain

Cowdray’s Gut Health Retreat

BEST FOR: A Gut Reset

The country estate in West Sussex, Cowdray House have partnered with Nutritional Therapist and Gut Health Specialist, Nicola Russell in a series of retreats that are geared to overhaul your eating habits to better support your gut. The retreat commences with in-depth functional testing, giving you access to bespoke specialist advice and guidance alongside an exercise and dietary programme. Your new wellbeing regime will be kickstarted over the 3 days with delicious gut-healthy meals, cookery demonstrations, a Wim Hof Method Experience, personal training, candlelit yoga, a sound bath and an inspiring workshop, aiming to instil health habits that you can implement into your lifestyle.

DETAILS: 3 days • May / August / Nov • Cowdray Park, Midhurst, UK

Swiss Alps Fitness Retreat

BEST FOR: Solo Female Travellers

Set amidst the awe-inspiring Swiss Alps, this women’s-only retreat features a fun range of fitness sessions, hikes, paddleboarding, yoga flows and restorative self-care. The Swiss chalet, home of the retreat, caters well for solo travellers seeking a balance of rejuvenation and adventure. Take in the picturesque mountainscape of Verbier, with daily hiking and optional dips into the glacial lakes. 

DETAILS: 7 days • June-September • Verbier, Switzerland

Reconnect Retreat at The Bothy

BEST FOR: Bespoke Approach & Recouping In Nature

Routed in the rhythms of the natural world, Reconnect Retreats centres around recalibrating your body through nature. Taking place at Heckfield Place’s wellness emporium, The Bothy, the experience commences with an individual assessment led by the resident ecopsychologist to establish your current state of being and determine the bespoke programme of treatments and therapies you’ll carry out over the course of the retreat. Days are dedicated to grounding, active rebalancing, and contemplation and integration, through a series of woodland movements, osteopathy sessions, Wildsmith treatments and slow-paced group classes.

DETAILS: 4 days • All year round • Heckfield Place, Hook

Re-Set Retreat

BEST FOR: Slow Island Living

Secluded in the Pantelleria, the unspoilt wild Mediterranean island off the coast of Sicily, Laura Dodd, founder of The Yoga Class, is hosting a 5-night Re-Set Retreat. Embracing the islands slow-living, days follow a series of connecting yoga and meditation practices, alongside holistic practice. Open-air natural hot springs and spas, boat trips, natural wine tastings, hikes and holistic wellbeing treatments enrich the experience for a deep and true reset. Relish farm-to-table Silician meals, served up family-style with your fellow retreaters and immerse in the magic of this lesser-known island. 

DETAILS: 5 nights • 28th Sept-3rd October • Pantelleria, Sicily

Beckley Retreats

BEST FOR: Guided Psychedelic Healing

Entailing a 4-week preparation and 6-week integration led by expert facilitators, Beckley Retreats harnesses psilocybin programmes to unlock true transformation. Combining ancient practices with modern methods, participants are guided through psilocybin ceremonies using hallucinogenic stances with live music, breathwork, and meditation. These experiences are curated to open up subconscious patterns, ensuring lasting change.

DETAILS: 5 days • All year round • The Netherlands & Jamaica

words by Isabelle Shury