The Beach People was founded by you and your sister and remains family-run, how has this affected the way you do business?
Family is a core value of our business. The fact that The Beach People is founded and operated by two sisters who are Mums themselves has a flow on effect to every area of the business. We value our team, their families, we value relationships with everyone we do business with.


What elements of your personalities would you say shine through the most in the design and production of your products?
Ha! This makes me laugh as we are completely different. Emma is highly creative and design focused so anything stylish and pretty you see comes straight from her. I am more jovial and laid back… so anything slightly cheeky is probably from me.


What is it about the beach that you and your brand connect so strongly with?
Emma was born and raised on a boat sailing around the Pacific Ocean, both our parents are sea lovers themselves. The original Beach People. Ha. I guess for us The Beach People is just who we are. Everything you see has flowed from our lives.


Which roundie would you consider your favourite and what is the story behind it?
Emma’s would be the Montauk as it’s inspired by a holiday we took there when we fell in love with the place. It’s the only place away from our home that has felt like home.


Our customers are in love with the idea of a circular towel – where did the idea originally come from?
Emma and I were sitting on the beach one day and she turned to me and simply said “I think I’m going to make some round beach towels, in beautiful patterns, lovely thick material… would you like to do that with me?” And I said “yes”… the rest is history… being raised by the ocean with entrepreneurs for parents, we believe The Beach People was always bound to happen.

The Beach People

As you draw design inspiration from your past travels, what future adventures are you looking forward to which will sow the creative seeds for your next collection?
Oohhh well with 4 kids under 5 between us we have been keeping our family trips close to home recently. We’re off to the South Island of New Zealand soon and can’t wait to explore. Our next collection is inspired by The Mediterranean and its surrounding lands so hopefully a trip there soon is on the horizon.


The beach not only inspires your design but also your social and environmental awareness. How does The Beach People give back to the beach?
We have partnered with The Great Barrier Reef Foundation to help restore and protect this area, we hope to achieve a lot with them.


The Beach People has received such success in all corners of the earth, where would you like to see your brand grow in the next 5 years?
Thanks for your kind words… we feel like we are just beginning. We are so excited to release our first bedding collection in the next few months. We have the most beautiful bags launching this Summer and our bath collection (that sold out in 3 weeks) will be re-released soon… we’re also creating lots of beautiful journal entries around travel and home inspiration that we just know sea lovers all around the world will enjoy… I also personally would like a few more babies, another puppy and some chooks.

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