What if you could earn sweet rewards for every workout?

Recently recognised as the app to “Inspire a Healthy Life” (we’ll interject by slyly name- dropping that it was in fact Vogue UK who said that..), and because we couldn’t possibly agree more, allow us to ‘appily introduce you to the latest must-have app, Earthmiles, rewarding fitness fans for achieving their fitness goals. With each “Earthmile” equating to a unit of your “sheer awesomeness” (because you earn it with your hard work, see?), you’ll be forgetting all about Air Miles pretty soon and indulging in the lifestyle opportunities Earthmiles has to offer as a reward for your tough grind.

Perfectly appealing to the loyalty card community, we enthusiastically invite you to view your Earthmiles app as a way of stocking up on exclusive health and fitness goodies at a fraction of their original price.  With previous rewards including £10 off at Runners Need, purely for moving from the couch to the local park for a 30-min jog, and free trials and classes flooding your inbox quicker than you can download Earthmiles, this addition to our active lifestyles ultimately feels like a no-brainer!

So, how exactly can we earn these Earthmiles? Well, it really is simple. Initially requiring you to select the sport of your fancy (and erm, we’re not talking interactive tennis here..), you then link your Earthmiles app to your preferred tracker (i.e. MapMyRun, Nike+ or Strava), and your units begin to increase almost immediately after embarking on your exercise regime. Additionally, if a friend takes preference of an alternative tracker app to yours, Earthmiles allows you to connect with them without compromising on your own personal fave.


OK, so you’ve downloaded Earthmiles (very efficient of you!), received your initial round of Earthmiles, and want to get onto the good stuff, but aren’t entirely sure of the selection of perks in store for you to redeem?  Well fitness friends, with a wealth of our collectively adored brands all on board to support you in achieving the healthy lifestyle you desire, from Nak’d Wholefoods and Planet Organic, to Rebel Kitchen and Chi Running (to name only a few), embarking on your journey to health couldn’t be more desirable, right?

With the founders emphasising the idea of “socialisation” intentionally placed at the very core of Earthmiles, positively connecting with other Earthmiles enthusiasts over meaningful issues, while presenting them with your regular running regime (for example) couldn’t be simpler! Graciously grabbing your guilty conscience however, Earthmiles holds the potential to expose your lack of activity alongside the moving moments you have endured. So to translate, for all the self-confessed couch (sweet, of course) potatoes reading this, when using Earthmiles, there is simply no room for “starting on Monday,” as your fellow Earthmilers will spot the self-delusion instantly, resulting in you jumping off the sofa into your swimming cozzie or sweat-essentials within seconds!

Oh, and it doesn’t end there, as the creators have kindly included an in-app newsfeed, allowing you to stay updated with fresh perspectives through a constant flow of articles and tidbits, ideal for the moments where you are in need of some wellness words of wisdom.  With the vision to “create a community that people want to stay with” Earthmiles lovingly provides you with the power to build your idea of an ‘appy, active future.

Get started right here for Apple users and here for Android!