Is the New Year finding a slighter plumper you? Chances are that unless you have spent the festive season at an ashram or on a boot-camp your waist is a little stouter and clothes may be starting to pinch. Hardly surprising as Christmas is a sugar-heavy season; the sweeter than sin mulled wine, deeper than desirable mince pies, extra fat and fruity pud, the now empty Harvey’s Bristol Cream; all very pleasurable ‘nectar from the Gods’ stuff but how about giving your body a New Year cleanout? I’m not talking fasts, strangely combined foods or weird tasting beverages; no something far more friendly. Just follow my A-D plan below, combine with a brisk walk everyday and a serious cut down on the ubiquitous white stuff and you shall sashay into Spring svelte, clear eyed, bushy tailed and ready for any itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny bikini.


Words By Miss Savvy