“Drink more water” is a much-used catchcry of the skincare bible, yet, we believe it’s frequently ignored. Nutritionists, models and beauty professionals all tell us to drink more water…so why aren’t we listening?


Does drinking water seem too simplistic? Do we think ‘I’ve already had water today’? Is the promise of clearer and brighter skin not enough to commit to drinking more water? We’re sure it is…and on the final day of our week-long water challenge with Get More Vitamins Drinks, we’re wanting to shout it from the rooftops “drinking more water is the biggest skincare secret!”



Hydrate your skin from within


Skin is the body’s largest organ and like any other organ, it is made up of cells, which require water to perform at their best. When we’re dehydrated our organs begin pulling water from our blood, which thickens as a result and in turn pulls water from our skin – causing sullenness, more pronounced lines and less elasticity.


It’s easy to visualise the dehydration of cells as cracks in dry and poorly hydrated skin. So when we’re dehydrated, our skin is much more susceptible to allergens, dirt and pollution – it simply can’t perform well! Water also flushes toxins from the body – a build-up of these can lead to congestion in the skin.


Vitamins for a skin boost


Vitamins are absorbed into our bodies through the small intestine through what are called ‘active transports’. When we digest nutritious foods, the vitamins are dissolved in water, then transported through our intestine wall – if our bodies are lacking in water, they cannot absorb as many vitamins. Here are some ‘vits’, which are vital for your skin:


Vitamin A repairs skin tissue, good for hydrating your skin – a deficiency in this can cause dry & flaky skin. Can also help with wrinkles and aged skin.


Vitamin B complex contains biotin, a nutrient which forms the basis of skin cells. Lacking in this powerful vitamin could cause dermatitis. Vitamin B complex has also been known to be anti-inflammatory that could help even out your skin tone.


Vitamin C is known as the ‘anti-ageing superstar’ – it’s one of the strongest anti-oxidants around. It holds UV protection qualities, which also help repair the skin, collagen and can even reduce pigmentation. For a great skin boosting Vitamin C treatment, find a serum with at least 20% Vitamin C. Ones with Ferulic acid increase the stability of the vitamin, too.


Vitamin E helps reduce scars and dry skin. To keep your skin looking beautifully supple, try adding some more spinach to your diet – it’s packed with vitamin E goodness, but also bursting with water!


Vitamin K is fabulous for lightening the appearance of dark circles and bruises. It is needed by the body to coagulate blood, so by getting more dark greens in your diet (like kale and cabbage), you could get your skin superbly sparkling!


The key ingredient to helping our bodies absorb these nutrients is water. So alas, here is another ‘Ode to Water’ for our skin’s health – we hope it will inspire more frequent visits to the tap (and bathroom) and that your skin shows the positive impacts of drinking more water.


Congratulations and thank you to anyone who was inspired to drink more water throughout or Water Challenge week – we hope you are embodying all the benefits we’ve mentioned and keep up the good work!


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