Last month, we were honoured to host a yoga class with the super inspiring Tara Stiles for 50 of our lucky subscribers. In light of the event, we’ve partnered up with Tara to bring to you 1 whole week’s worth of content and inspiration. Stay tuned for daily interviews and recipes from her latest book Make Your Own Cookbook  (hay house etc).

With all the conflicting information out there surrounding diet and exercise, first off, we asked Tara to share with us her top 5 tips for breaking the bandwagon mentality and making your own health rules. Read on for the lowdown…

  1. Start the day connecting to yourself. 5 minutes, sitting up in bed connecting to my breath centers me for the day.
  2. Enjoy what you spend your time doing. It’s a direct statement meant to provoke a question. If you don’t enjoy doing what you spend your time doing, make a plan to change that. No excuses.
  3. Get in the kitchen. At least for one meal, a smoothie, or a snack, spend some time in your kitchen and let the creative juices flow. The more time you spend exploring and trying things out, the sharper your skills become. Enjoy.
  4. Self care. Make it a priority. Schedule that time on your mat, the time with a good book and time to reflect. Without this practice, stress collects and causes big trouble.
  5. Make mindfulness a habit. Put down the iPhone, the laptop, and turn off the TV. Take a moment during the day to reconnect with your breath and check in with how you feel. Take moments like this several times a day. It will shift your focus and increase your energy.

Make Your Own Rules Cookbook by Tara Stiles (Hay House UK, £18.99) is out nowGet yours on Amazon here.

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