no sugar diet
How I Retrained My Sugar-Loving Brain

Writer, Elle Young, from thesugarfreekitchen.com, talks us through how she retrained her brain to go sugar-free When it comes up, as it invariably does, in conversation that I don’t eat refined sugar, people’s usual reaction is: […]

The Sugar Diaries: Beauty Editor, Frankie, says goodbye to the sweet stuff

Beauty Editor, Frankie Rozwadowska, goes sugar-free to put a stop to her apparent sugar addiction Hi – my name’s Frankie and I’m a sugar addict. I’ve been clean for precisely 14 days, 3 hours and […]

If you only do one thing this week… Quit Hidden Sugars

Now, Im not just talking about table sugar, Im talking about all the hidden sugars in processed foods.  As a whole it seems like everyone is on a diet, trying to go to the gym, yet we seem […]