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Holistic hideaway Tulum
A Holistic Hideaway In Picturesque Tulum, Mexico

Nômade is a self-confessed habitat for those ready to awaken the soul, free the mind, and eat beautifully and nutritionally. Located in the postcard perfect location of Tulum at the southern end of Mexico’s Riviera […]

Tom Barber’s pick of the best Healthy (and totally hip) Holidays

First, a confession – I’m all for getting fit and healthy but gyms are a no-no; there needs to be a strong motivation involved, like aimlessly chasing a ball or learning a new skill. Below […]

How to Stay Hip & Healthy on Holiday

Holiday’s are wonderful but they can also be the ultimate healthy regime disrupter. It can be very tempting to throw caution to the wind and indulge in everything going – this is your well-deserved break […]

The Best Healthy Holidays

Healthy holidays are the way forward. What better way to get your R&R than with some expertly-instructed yoga thrown in or deliciously healthy food to accompany it. We speak to Paul Joseph, co-founder of Health […]

If you only do one thing this week… Book a healthy holiday (with Queen of Retreats)

Short days, cold nights – we feel like booking a break that will benefit mind, body and soul. Spa journalist, author & founder of www.queenofretreats.com Caroline Sylger Jones shares six of her favourite luxury health […]

Top Ten Healthy Holidays with Adventure Temples

Healthy holidays don’t have to be hard work or repetitive. Alongside the classic yoga and holistic healing packages AdventureTemples, a new luxury adventure travel company, bring you their Top 10 Activity Holidays, guaranteed to get […]