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Healthy Habits Challenge Day Five – Have A Green Juice Every Morning!

It’s day five of our healthy habits challenge with Inner Me, and we are feeling full of energy and even healthier than we did before! Today, we all about the green juice – Oh hail […]

Al Fresco Yoga And An Abundance Of Juice!

With a few more weeks of warmth and sunshine, it is time to make the most of exercising outdoors. And there is no better way than joining London’s latest craze and taking your yoga practice […]

Juice your way to glowing skin – H&H’s favourite juice cleanses this summer!

With summer holidays fast approaching and bikinis creeping out of the woodwork, panic is setting in across the country, and now more than ever we are ready to do what it takes to get truly […]

Organic Green Vegetable Cleanse – Nosh Detox Packs A Green Punch!

Hey Hip & Healthy friends! The sun may be shining but do you feel like it is more than just the sky that is blue? Never fear! Whether you’re in need of an energy boost, want […]

Cleanse Review – The Source Juice

Company – The source juice Cleanse – The Renvoation Cleanse How many days? – 3 day cleanse Tester – Saskia Gregson-Williams What were you hoping to gleam from the cleanse? Through juicing you are able […]

Greeny Colada Smoothie

The Hip & Healthy 14 Day Smoothie Challenge Sponsored by Herbalife Swap your 4pm snack for a superfood smoothie and get ready to get your glow on… Day 7: Greeny Colada  ingredients: 1 frozen banana 3/4 cup pineapple 2 […]

If you only do one thing this week… Discover the benefits of Green Juice

We are constantly hearing about how amazing green juices are. How they make our skin glow and fill us with goodness. But why, exactly, are they so brilliant. Find out below… Chlorophyll You may remember […]