Gem of a Treatment: Jade Facial at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

It’s no secret that the beautiful gemstone, Jade, has become a must have item in any woman’s jewellery collection. Associated with the classic oriental look, Chinese women have worn Jade for centuries – superstitious in […]

Looking for adult skin tips? We chat to skin expert Debbie Thomas about spot squeezing, fake tan and much more!

 Everything you ever wanted to know about skincare but were too afraid to ask… We talk to skin specialist, Debbie Thomas, about the woes of adult skin maintenance Do you squeeze spots when you know […]

Flower Power Beauty: from fighting signs of ageing to diminishing blemishes, these products pack some serious flower power

This week sees the Chelsea Flower Show celebrate its 100th anniversary, so we thought it the perfect time to celebrate all things floral. From fighting signs of ageing and blemishes to repairing and firming, these […]

A Treatment A Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Three of the best treatments in London that are easy, affordable and effective

Well perhaps not every day, but introducing massages and facials into your life can make a difference to your health, here are three we recommend, says Sadie Macleod Having lived in Hong Kong, I took […]

If you only do one thing this week… Get a younger looking you

If you only do one thing this week… Get a younger looking you Getting a toned, fit and younger looking body is something that we would all like to achieve. With so much information out there […]

Reviewed: The Organic Pharmacy’s Signature Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial

 Reviewed: The Organic Pharmacy’s Signature Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial words by Harriet Chubb After one too many people in the industry had exclaimed their surprise that I was yet to try a product from The Organic […]

Achieving Natural Beauty with Abigail James

Bad skin is never fun. It can be the difference between a great evening and an alright one, a relaxing holiday or a stressful one, it even changes the way we feel about ourselves on […]