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Healthy Habits Challenge Day Three – Don’t Risk The Radicals, Cook With Oils That Don’t Harm!

One of the most fundamental rules pursued by the health-conscious is the consumption of a diet low in saturated fat. For years we have been taught that a diet high in saturates can increase the […]

If You Only Do One Thing this Week… Reap The Amazing Benefits Of Coconuts This Summer!

It seems the UK, London especially, has turned into a tropical climate over the last week so it’s not surprising we’ve been a little obsessed with the wonders of coconut! (Hey, it does feel like […]

How To Fuel Your Fitness

Fitness fanatic and founder of FrancescasFitKitchen.com, Francesca, shares her fitness fuel… Protein Powder At FrancescasFitKitchen.com I am a firm believer of food that comes in its simplest of forms, unadulterated by man. Unfortunately, we all […]

The Healthiest Oil on Earth – What You Can Do With Coconut Oil?

by Kathleen Flemming While I have been living in Nicaragua, I have fallen in love with coconut oil. Coconuts provide us with coconut meat, coconut water, coconut milk and coconut oil, each one of them […]

Elf for Health: Day 5 of the H&H Advent Calendar

Elf for Health: Day 5 of the H&H Advent Calendar 25 days of a Hip and Healthy Christmas: Tips to make this the best holiday season yet On the fifth day of Christmas… we reveal five ways with Coconut Oil From soothing skin […]